Top 5 Body Language Gestures to Make Anyone Like You

Body Language

Top 5 Body Language Gestures to Make Anyone Like You


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Body Language – We hear about it all the time but what’s the big deal? Well, that’s the first thing we see of anyone, even before they speak. And by then you could tell how they are feeling, it sets the mood up for conversation, you can conclude what their intentions are and furthermore you make a judgment of one’s background and who they are as a person. It is also widely known that words only make up for 7% of our communication and it is our body language that actually conveys our messages. You can see it plays a huge role on how we interact with others. So if you want to be in the good books with someone, attract a partner or close a deal here’s how to capture anyone’s attention by using likable body language.

What do you want to portray to others?

There could be many reasons why you want someone to like you including:

  • That you are welcoming and an approachable person by showing open body language.
  • To show you are confident and capable.
  • To be a part of a group or stand out.
  • To impress others.
  • Create opportunities.

1 – Smile

  • The classic smile makes for a good start. Just remember to keep it natural.
  • Also timing plays a key role, smile when it is only appropriate.
  • The best times are when you agree with some point and on greeting and when saying your good-byes.
  • So how do you feel when others smile at you? When done right you should feel happy and welcomed by that person. It works, right? 🙂


2 – Eye Contact

  • Make eye contact and most of all maintain it.
  • Make better eye contact by facing your entire body towards them. This demonstrates you are giving your full undivided attention and you greatly value that person.
  • Since we always carry our phone on us be sure to not check often. Ideally use it only when it is absolutely necessary to do so. When one is more glued on their phone than interacting with those around you give the chance to wonder why did they bother even talking to you. Not a good impression you’d like to portray.
  • Also, consider how long your eye contact is for. Constant eye contact can be quite aggressive, no one likes to be stared down. Remember to blink and look away for a moment now and then for a comfortable interaction.

3 – Fidgeting

  • When you continue to fidget a person’s attention is lost on the conversation you want to create. Moreover, they will be fixated on why you are fidgeting so much. So avoid at all costs. 🙂
  • Fidgeting includes when you touch your face often such as scratching or wiping you nose.
  • Adjusting your clothes or hair.
  • Tapping your fingers and shaking your legs or feet.
  • Rocking back and forth or side to side.


4 – Hands

  • When we are open and honest we tend to use our hands freely to help support our sentences and ideas.
  • When someone is lying they try to take control of themselves by either holding their hands behind their back, cross their arms or place them in their pockets.
  • When one displays aggression they may shake your hand too tight, again cross their arms or point their finger at you.
  • Open hand gestures imply that you are friendly.

5 – Body Posture

  • What’s the difference between crouching over and sitting up?
  • We all have a fair idea, the first instances is the lazy form and second, is the attentive form. Not to mention a sign of confidence which is a highly attractive quality to possess.
  • Check in the mirror to see if your body posture is aligned correctly and adjust accordingly, shoulders back, stand up straight and head up.
  • Now that you are aware of you posture you also wouldn’t  want to look stiff either. As we go about out daily lives we tend to be unconscious of what our bodies are actually doing. Ask a friend or family member to tell you what their thoughts of your posture is.
  • Those who practice this will look relaxed and certain.

So how do you know if someone like you? Get direct feedback from them. Are they smiling back, giving you the same eye contact and possibly matching all your same movements. They will also provide signals that you can read from too 🙂 . In personality development, this is called “Mirroring” a sign that a person likes you.

Sounds too obvious? Ask a friend to catch you out 😛 . There is always room for improvement. 🙂

Until next time.

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