Top 10 Personality Development Tips

Personality Development

Top 10 Personality Development Tips

Top 10 Personality Development Tips

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Personality Development – We hear and see it everywhere advertised on billboards for schools, crash courses in institutes, are a concern for parents and teachers often remind us time and time again. So it must be important for you. Well besides having top marks at school a well-polished personality will overcome challenges and achieve success in all aspects of life be it, school, work, and relationships. Some believe that once you’ve mastered English and you look stylish then only you’re unstoppable. And to some extent this is true however there are other aspects to consider for a full-fledged personality to shine. We’ll give you the rundown of what you’ll need for an outstanding personality.

1. Dress to Impress

Before we are even given the chance to speak, others have already made a judgment of us… based solely on our looks. You may find yourself doing this too, those whose grooming is unkempt and dressed sloppy suggests that they are careless and irresponsible. Learn to dress smartly for every type of occasion and others will be interested in you, you’ll win the confidence of your boss, be attractive and impress all those in your presence. Furthermore, since you enjoy how good you look, you’ll also feel a boost of confidence which will help you perform any task better.

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Top 10 Personality Development Tips

2. Use Confident Body Language

Body language also speaks volume of our personality. We all use our facial expression, body, and hand gestures to signal how we feel and react to others. So if you were to simply smile others would likely perceive you as a friendly person. But there’s more, the little ways we move unconsciously, along with how we make eye contact, choose to shake hands and control our posture can tell a lot more. Become aware of your bad habits and find out how you can change them for greater success.

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3. Listen Before Speaking

When in a conversation we tend to have an urge to speak our mind instantly. But those who have the best conversations are actually great at listening first. They don’t only just take the time to listen to the words but strive to understand the whole message. Listening in for how the person sounds, asking open-ended questions to draw out more meaningful information, and discover messages that are indirectly spoken. Once you can comprehend the entire reflection then only you are capable of responding with the most developed responses. It will make others feel important and in response they will value you more.

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Top 10 Personality Development Tips

4. Positive Attitude

For some, it’s easy to be caught up in a vicious cycle of negative thinking and depression. Though in the long run it does us no good as we only spend our days in thinking we have an unhappy life. On contrary, having a positive attitude can do wonders on how well we feel about ourselves (self-esteem), believe we can do it (confidence) no matter what challenges we face and knowing when to be fun-loving in such a serious world. Though it’s easy to fall in this negative trap it is also one you have control over to change.

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5. Manages Time Well

You may not appreciate it yet, but time is precious. For you, you lose out on a day of productivity. But the puncher is that when you run late others are affected because of it. Let’s say you turned up to an event late, people may be wasting time waiting for you to turn up when most of the crowd has. And since you may play an important role the event can not go without you. This leaves the crowd disgruntled and in turn your impression would be not good. This goes for the same in anything else you do from work projects and meetings, to school assignmenst and exams and other special occasions. It sounds simple to rectify though what do you do when you have many responsibilities and tasks to take care of?

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Top 10 Personality Development Tips

6. Can Deal with Stress

Stress comes at us in all angles and in the form of pressure. From the boss, parents, media, peers and from ourselves… it should be expected. Sometimes it can do us good and helps us to perform much better than we would otherwise. Though it can be just too much that we feel we need to explode. For some stress triggers its simply out of our hands though there are some which are. When you realize and know-how to deal with these matters you’ll no longer be deterred and feel free to work hard on what matters the most for you.

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7. Be Well-Mannered and Know Social Etiquettes

Are you sure you know all your Ps and Qs? Manners and Etiquettes are required in all types of scenarios. Parties, restaurants, telephone, social media you name it, you must know how to behave properly otherwise people will look down on you and you would simply feel embarrassed. Though with a bit of know how you can gain the attention of others and for the right reasons. Knowing how to use a knife and fork, introducing yourself and having stunning selfies is quite impressive, isn’t it?

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Top 10 Personality Development Tips

8. Love Socializing

Those who never miss a chance to socialize own a personality that can only shine. Being comfortable with friends, family and colleges but more importantly being fine to mingle with stranger comes with its many benefits. You enjoy the people, develop networks that can be helpful in your endeavors, expand on your general knowledge, make wonderful friends and who know possibly a love interest too. 🙂

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9. Speak English Fluently

We live in a world of many languages and for us to all communicate together being fluent in English is a requirement. Lacking this ability reduces your chances of success greatly, you lose out in better job opportunities, being unable to communicate with anyone freely is upsetting, attaining better education is unreachable and sadly the prevailing perception is you have no personality. But don’t lose hope, there are great resources online so you can learn and improve in the comfort of your home and at your own speed.

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Top 10 Personality Development Tips

10. Know and Be Yourself

We all do need to know the above points thoroughly. But it would be hard to spot you in a crowd when you only become a carbon copy of the next person. This is why we should strive to learn about what makes us tick, our strengths and weaknesses, learn as much as possible. And know how to use our unique qualities to our advantage so we can achieve be ourselves. Adding unique qualities in the mix makes you stand out and be memorable. And not to mention you will feel at peace for doing so too.

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