Tips For Taking a Better Selfie

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Tips For Taking a Better Selfie

Tips For Taking a Better Selfie

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We’ve all had a go at taking a selfie. They are quick and easy to capture your special moments and when done right it’s the most flattering angle one can use to take the perfect picture of your personality. And not to forget show off to all your eagerly anticipating friends and family. Celebrities, politicians, and the common wo/man have all joined in on the fun. But do you know what it really takes to capture the perfect shot? It seems quite simple, just point the camera and click, right? However, with these tips learn how to pose and how to hold the camera well which in turn will add the ‘wow’ to an otherwise ordinary selfie.

1. Play with Light

You’ll find that many people suggest you should avoid clicking your selfie facing towards the light (as it will wash your features out). However, there shouldn’t be any hard and fast rule here as many factors come into play, especially how the light reaches your face.

So go ahead try out a few selfies with your back towards the light source, in some instances it may give a soft halo effect or an interesting silhouette that complements your selfie well. Or try facing your back against the light which will result in clear crisp selfies that will show off all your features well.

2. Conduct a Background Check

Sometimes you’d like to show what’s in the background, maybe your are on vacation, or at a special event and the background can really tell the story for special memories to keep. Though do pay attention to the details. It is a picture which ‘captures memories forever’ so watch out for things you wouldn’t want to be featured such as a messy room, mirrors that may disclose more of your location and unwanted objects surrounding you. Have you seen a few clicked in the washroom? Ewww 😛

Tips For Taking a Better Selfie

3. Test Your Angles

The classic selfie entails that you stretch your arm out with your mobile held above eye level, but there’s so much more you can do to take interesting selfies. How about facing head on or turning onto your profile, move your head on a three-quarter or two-quarters angle with or without twisting your shoulders. You may find that they not only add variety to your selfies but also you will discover what is your best angle.

4. Be Confident

Go all out and express yourself. It’s a major part why we take selfies, isn’t it? To just have fun with it. So don’t just stand there, strike a pose with all the enthusiasm in the world. And why not show all your emotions while you are at it too, pull a sad face, happy face, excited or even angry all in the name of fun. Body language and facial expression are very powerful sources for expressing our personality. When you display confidence people will think the world of you and better yet you’ll feel on top of the world too. 🙂

5. To Be Passé, Or Not to Be

It’s the great debate. Pulling off duck faces have been a great pass time but should one do it in the modern selfie times? Overdone would you say? Maybe or maybe not… but it’s fun. So at the end if you do decide to go ahead and send it on your social media accounts (and if you do care that is), think about how others may think about it. It’s fine to copy the trends or take inspiration from our favorite celebrities but what kind of lasting impression will it leave?

Tips For Taking a Better Selfie

6. Elongate Your Neck

Avoid looking like you have a double chin or (if in need) benefit from reducing all by elongating your neck. This simple adjustment will make a huge difference in how appealing your selfies come out and you’ll never cringe at another selfie again. 🙂

7. Look at the Camera Lens

Likewise, look at the camera of the mobile rather than at the screen when taking that selfie (if that was what you were wanting). Though some selfies looking off the side can look cool too if done without looking like you were trying too hard.

8. Hold the Camera

Another tip to consider is how would you like to hold the camera. Experiment with the basics by turning the camera to landscape, it will show more of what’s going on in the background. Or turn it to portrait which will allow you to focus more on yourself. Now you can switch it up by holding the camera on an angle for a new view point.

Try holding the camera with one hand so your arm doesn’t take over the shoot or with both hands which helps steady the camera more and can act like a frame for the shot. Or 🙂 you could grab a selfie stick that has its added advantages on improving all aspects which with hands alone can’t do.

Tips For Taking a Better Selfie

9. Edit

Before hitting that send, tweet or publish button, edit. Please remember that it’s possible the whole world will see your selfie so editing is all that important. Think about simple edit options as cropping. Take loads of pictures (you can always delete them), now you’ll have options to select the best selfie than the only one click you took and which happens to be blurry or maybe your face was cut off. Use apps with its filters and airbrush effects to polish your selfie. Some say filters are over done but, you can’t deny how well they finish the look. Or keep it natural, those too can be as impressive, it really depends from selfie to selfie. 🙂

And there you have it, your selfies (and not to mention personality) will appear all that much better.

Until next time.

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