How to Improve Body Language For Your Job Interview

Body Language

How to Improve Body Language For Your Job Interview

Interview Body Language

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Ok so you have an idea of how you would like to dress and you’ve practiced your heart out on Q&A. Now it’s time to pay good attention to your non-verbal communication, in particular, body language and it is the most important, why? Because, before the ‘actual’ interview takes place the interviewer has already formed an opinion about you based on how you have entered the door. That’s right. He/she has looked at your overall appearance and the way you hold yourself. So make sure you pay attention to each move you make which in turn tells the interviewer a lot about your personality.


Have you noticed your body language when socializing? Trying to control your body language to do only specific actions may feel weird at first particularly when you are not use to it. But, all it takes is practice.

  • First observe others, who do you admire and would like to imitate?
  • Secondly try to visualise how you would like to behave in that interview.
  • Practice. You can do this almost in any social setting. Another reassuring way to know if you are good is to conduct a mock interview with a friend or join a class.
  • And if in doubt at the interview copy the tone of that of the interviewer.

Waiting Area:

Though your interview does not take place here, you need to be aware that you are still in the ‘public eye’. And everyone including your fellow candidates and company staff can possibly take notice of you no matter how short of glance it may be.

  • Take your seat and sit straight and keep reasonably quiet. It is acceptable to strike a conversation with the person next to you, but keep an ‘indoor’ voice. You would not want to attract attention due to poor behaviour.
  • Don’t assume that whoever greets you is the receptionist or ‘just another’ person. Such people can give feedback to people of your concern. (How to Improve Body Language For Your Job Interview)

Interview Body Language

Body Posture:

When entering the room, standing and when taking your seat consider your body posture. By observing the following, you will appear neat and proper which translates to such commendable attributes as focused, disciplined and dedicated.

  • Neutral and straight body posture that looks relaxed rather than stiff.
  • Appear comfortable in your clothes and not restricted that your attention to the task at hand (the interview) is taken away.
  • Lean forward a little to show your interest in the interviewer.
  • Legs together. Do not cross yours legs or sit with your legs wide apart.


There are 3 types of smiles:

  1. Mona Lisa smile
  2. All 32 teeth out and
  3. Constantly smiling – this is just plain creepy

The Mona Lisa smile is what you would want to aim for as it looks almost neutral. Smile a little when you are talking. Try for a balance you don’t want to not smile at all which shows you are uninterested and you don’t want to smile all the time where you’ll likely come across as an oddball. (How to Improve Body Language For Your Job Interview)

Interview Body Language

Eye Contact:

Eye contact makes the interviewer believe you are paying attention and you appreciate that person’s presence. Almost similar to your smile there are 3 types:

  1. Relaxed eye contact
  2. Looking down or off to the side and
  3. Staring

Show the interviewer you are relaxed and comfortable with an otherwise tensed situation and this will demonstrate that you can cope and adapt to any type of situation without a hassle.(How to Improve Body Language For Your Job Interview)

Interview Body Language

Hand Gestures:

  • It shows we know what we want to say and that we understand.
  • Here again balance is key, light hand gestures and used at relevant times such as when explaining yourself is fine.
  • Bold hand gestures that seem you can not stop is not ok.
  • When not in use rest your hands on your lap. Do not cross your arms or rest them on the desk.


  • If the interviewer offers a handshake return it with a firm handshake, not one that is incomplete.
  • If it seems appropriate and/or you are a male offer a handshake. This shows confidence and  it forms a sense of an agreeable connection between you and the interviewer. (How to Improve Body Language For Your Job Interview)

Interview Body Language


Fidgeting are unintentional movements that we tend to make when we feel either nervous or bored. You wouldn’t want to reveal this to anyone. Also, it becomes a distraction for you and others in your presence. So try to be cautious of your body movements. Fidgeting includes:

  • Either shaking, tapping or playing with your hands/finger,
  • leg/foot and
  • with your clothing.

(How to Improve Body Language For Your Job Interview)

Interview Body Language

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How to Improve Body Language For Your Job Interview

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