How to Tell If He or She Really Loves You


How to Tell If He or She Really Loves You

How to Tell If He or She Really Loves You

You love this person oh so much, right? Without a doubt, you know this is real love. But in saying that, real love like any other relationship needs to be questioned. Especially if you swear you would do anything for them and see yourself with them forever. This is not to say your relationship is doubtful. In fact, why not ask all the questions possible. Since both individuals should be alright with this since the other loves you too right? So to make sure he or she really does loves you go along this checklist with its unbiased questions. And see if this person is what you really want and need.

1. Restrictions

Do you feel like you can’t do certain things? Maybe you are told not to go to certain places, meet specific people, told to behave properly and dress and look a particular way. If you said yes to even one of these things, you need to decide if you are ok with this. You could be controlled by your partner which may seem attractive or you do what they say because ultimately you want them to be happy. But in the long-run, this will be disheartening for you. Your happiness and dignity are long gone as you are only living for someone else instead.

How to Tell If He or She Really Loves You

How to Tell If He or She Really Loves You

2. Spending Money

Ok so being pampered is nice for all. But isn’t it a bit too much of an ask to be expected to be pampered all the time, especially with money and material things? This can only surely mean they want “all these things only” and it was never about whom you really are – genuinely enjoying your conversation, values, ethics, humor and overall attractiveness. This is a sign that something needs to be worked out between the two of you or they suggest nothing needs to be done then put a stop to the relationship altogether.

3. Can Give You Space

Life is definitely more than about being together all the time. This includes being in contact through online chatting. Life does continue and for many, it includes equally important things such as school, work, family, friends and personal space. Maybe you already know that your partner won’t let go, even for just a minute….feeling suffocated and/or bored? Or is it that you are the one that can’t let go? Then perhaps it is you who can’t live life to the fullest? Either way, you would need to wonder if this is what life is truly about.

4. Makes Time for You

And on the point about clinginess, do also consider a partner who doesn’t spend much time with you at all. Sounds familiar to you? Then what’s the point of being together in the first place? Try to request more time together or when better suited create that time without waiting for them. Just so something actually happens and possibly get the ball rolling for more quality time. Talk about it and let them know how you are feeling.

How to Tell If He or She Really Loves You

How to Tell If He or She Really Loves You

5. Being Intimate

There are two points to be made here. One, not too much and not too little. A balance shows that you love that person undividedly. And this too doesn’t mean going all the way. Simply gazing into your eyes, the light pat or kiss and hug are all forms of intimacy. And two, in times when you are not ready for intimacy they should be totally ok with it and can wait for you. They should never be forcing you to do something you don’t want to do. Nor make you feel guilty about your choices.

6. Can Listen and Value Your Opinion

And this is the key to effective communication and happy relationships – when someone is able to stop, listen and consider your opinion. How uplifting is this to your soul. And the complete opposite if you were to be ignored, told to be quiet, talked over and constantly being told you are wrong. Once again such people would feel trapped and under arrest for being themselves. Now that sounds completely wrong.

7. Share the Same Values

It’s really nice to be on the same pages as your partner. As you both believe in the same way of living life, for example, you both may want a family, agree about career paths and other life choices. Share the same interests either food, music, crafty, sporty and/or any other. And this can include religious or other forms of lifestyle. There will be more harmony when you feel much more like a team.

How to Tell If He or She Really Loves You

How to Tell If He or She Really Loves You

8. Family Matters

Want to be completely satisfied with your partner? Then it is almost given that your family should be happy with your choice. Family matters because they love you dearly and only want the best for you. And maybe see things that you may not see. And a bonus, it would be great to celebrate special events together and bring about a sense of completeness which humans naturally wish for.

9. Willing to Compromise

You just can’t have everything your way nor anyone else – this is a fact of life. We all need to make sacrifices to live with our partner in the most harmonize manner possible. Is it just you making them? That wouldn’t make you feel fulfilled. Now ask this question. Will your partner, in all honesty, be happy and satisfied in seeing you make all the sacrifices? If they do love you, of course, they wouldn’t be ok with that. And being naturally willing to meet you half- way.

10. Not Embarrassed with You

Find that your partner wants to change your behavior and the way you look. This you can say is ok considering there will be times when you are meeting VIP such as the in-laws and/or for a special occasion but as long as you are ok with it too. When reminded you are not perfect for your partner, this can be quite a drag. You would know your partner cares for you when they not only love your quirks that make you special but also when they make you feel good about yourself rather than feeling worthless.

How to Tell If He or She Really Loves You

How to Tell If He or She Really Loves You

11. Cares for You

When you are upset no matter how big or small the matter is your partner should be the one right there by your side. Even if it’s not in their hands to make things alright again, at the very least they try to lift up your spirits. And actions do speak louder than words. You’ll know they are for you when you can notice whenever you are feeling low they too feel low.

12. Can Open Up to You

Some people have a tendency to bottle up their feeling and thoughts inside for no one to ever know. But this is where love really does make people feel whole. When true love exists your partner wouldn’t help but have the need to share their inner thoughts with you. It can release tension and what’s better, grow a stronger bond between the both of you that no other relationship can emulate.

13. Give and Take Love

And most of all and in which we can summarize the above is that love is expressed by both equally. No person can be said to be selfish and all can say you are both meant for each other.

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