How to Stop Feeling Like a Failure

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How to Stop Feeling Like a Failure

How to Stop Feeling Like a Failure

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Blowing a major task can be devastating. You may feel like your whole life depended on it. And since your family and friends really wanted to see you succeed. It’s a lot of pressure on your shoulders to take. But life is not as simple as we wish and we have all certainly have faced failure at some point. And I got it, it was quite major, you failed your final exams, your career has flatlined or the love of your life slipped through your fingers. And maybe even countless of times, but so many people have overcome their ordeals by knowing that of below. Read on to see what had made them make peace with failure and again and again until they found success.

Believe Failure is Good for You

So all this time you thought that failure would be the end of you. Well think again failure can be quite good for you after all. No more will your whole day, week, month or year well be ruined. Because when you have faced it a few times you become resilient as it doesn’t seem to faze you anymore. And better news, since you’ve met failure you begin to understand what actually went wrong and can now take steps to rectify it.

How to Stop Feeling Like a Failure

Don’t Allow Failure to Define You

Because you failed it doesn’t mean you are a failure. Here’s why. First, everyone should be expecting failure, it’s a natural occurrence in life where people and life itself is not and will never be perfect. Though we all want to hide it 🙂 , we must admit (at least to ourselves) so then only you’ll be capable to move on and up. Second, since you know everyone must be human and has faced it you can be reassured you are not alone. And thirdly, it is only an event in your life and one you determine will either define you forever be or you can choose it to be a stepping stone towards reaching your goal.

Learn and Grow from Failure

Let your emotions subside for some time, feelings of anger, disappointment and embarrassment in the heat of the moment will not make you think straight. Feel calm? Now you’ll be in a better position to take a closer look at why it had happened. Determine what you could have done differently. And in some cases pinpoint what was just not in your control. Now with a clearer mindset you can start working on strategies for your next options and steps to take. Since you worked it out you’ll also feel somewhat relieved that it wasn’t as bad as you intentionally thought it was.

And did you just see how more patient and determine you’ve become? Your personal growth wouldn’t have had happened without failure. 🙂

How to Stop Feeling Like a Failure

Build a Bridge and Get Over It

It is very easy to dwell over our failures because the pressure was overbearing. Having countless of depressed days and even falling physically sick because of it. But did all this worrying help you to deal with the problem? In fact, most likely it just made it worst and seem even much more horrible. It’s like as if you had fallen in a deep hole. So you want to get out? To stop falling in this trap and making a deeper hole, tell yourself this “Build a bridge and get over it”. And watch how even this slightest motivation will pull you out and encourage you to move on.

Don’t Be Ruled by Other’s Approval

It’s understandable, the pressure of approval means a lot to you especially when it comes from your loved ones of family and friends. And when you seriously contemplate you can’t blame them they only want the best for you. But here’s what you can do, accept that you family and friends will be just that family and friends. You don’t have control over what they say, but you do have control over how to handle such pressure. Run your own life by keeping busy in what will help you reach your goal, no matter how many paths it will take.

How to Stop Feeling Like a FailureTry Again

Path one, path 50, path 100, all the greats will tell you that success only comes after many failures. Steve Jobs (the CEO of Apple) he didn’t only make millions off the iphone and ipad, he too had some major flops (ever heard of the Hockey Puck mouse?… anyone?). And it cost him dearly. But without these failures he’d never know and see out his later success. He and many others learned from failure and pushed ahead from all angles, it was persistence that counted the most.

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