How to Make Up with Your Partner After a Fight

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How to Make Up with Your Partner After a Fight

How to Make Up with Your Partner After a Fight

Like all relationships, you’ll have your ups and downs too. Well, it’s normal since you are two individuals who have different opinions at times. But with those that have a happy and lasting relationship, such couples know how to work through the difficult times. And most likely you are here to find out just that. So here is some hope for you. With an effort at having a go at each point, chances are you can get your relationship back right on track.

1. Take Some Time Out

A fight surely means emotions are at their highest. With a mix of anger, tears, and frustration, being in such a state only becomes a barrier in fixing any problem. This is why it is highly suggested to not try to fix anything in the moment of a fight. Rather the most you can do once in a fight is to let your partner know you need space to cool off, so you can to think about what has happened and work things out more constructively.

2. Time to Communicate with Each Other

Once the heated emotions have subsided, it is then the best to speak with your partner. Making an effort to communicate always beats giving the cold shoulder since this doesn’t take care of the matter. It only shows that you are ignoring them and is a show of punishment. Both of which are a negative behavior. You should seek to address the issue at hand with the goal of resolving it, putting the fight behind you and moving on with a much more healthy relationship.

How to Make Up with Your Partner After a Fight

How to Make Up with Your Partner After a Fight

3. Here’s How to Communicate Effectively

Well, it’s agreed that drama is totally unnecessary. Accordingly, consider these points for a smoother resolution.

  • No one is ever right. Just think of a time when someone tried to be right over you. It is most likely you didn’t like it at all.
  • Thus the same also wouldn’t work here. So stop blaming the other for doing wrong. And how righteous you are.
  • Furthermore, a simple “I’m sorry” never cuts it either because it closes off the lines of communication and suggests you don’t want to attempt to get to the root of the problem.
  • Depending on the intensity you could make light of the fight by doing something funny doing a funny dance or cracking a joke. But if the fight serious you should you should treat it so too.

In its place,

  • Express how you feel because a fight is never about the details. Feelings are what fundamentally make up a fight.
  • And understand how they feel because you get to know their point of view and enable choices for a proper solution. And most often not, their view can be something very different to what you could have assumed.
  • Do this by listening and asking various questions to gather in-depth information.

4. Be Mature About It

It’s possible that your partner may want to continue to scream and shout and put you down. But this shouldn’t give you a reason to respond in the same manner. Because you know this wouldn’t get you anywhere. Thus, you’ll be better off taking the high road. As mentioned above, diffuse the situation as much as you can. Speak calmly and don’t go on the attack. If possible talk together about it at another time or simply listen until they are ready to calm down for themselves. Bringing maturity, if not realizing now but later, your partner will feel good about your positive response.

How to Make Up with Your Partner After a Fight

How to Make Up with Your Partner After a Fight

5. If You Were Wrong, Admit It

And to add to the mature point, yes we did mention that there is never a winner, however, this an exception. Owning up to your mistake doesn’t mean you lost the fight it only means you can be an adult about it. The difference is, not only do you see a wrong but you are willing to fix it or not repeat it, all in the scheme of being happy together

6. Forgive and Move On

Holding a grudge from a fight no matter how big will drain your relationship of happiness. Yes, they may have said bad things about you. But when you think about why you love them, a grudge is probably what you don’t want after all. To be at peace again and back to normal as quick as possible is to forgive what has happened so you both can move on. Hence, try to see a reason why they acted that way. Maybe they have no one else to vent out too or are stressed and tired. Or it was simply a human instinct, we lose it sometimes because we are that comfortable with the person we love and don’t feel embarrassed to show our low side.

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