How to Make a Good Impression in the Office

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How to Make a Good Impression in the Office

How to Make a Good Impression in the Office

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Being recognized for the right reasons in the office has its benefits you gain respect from your colleagues and your seniors take notice that your chances of a pay rise and promotion increase and possibly open up opportunities you couldn’t even imagine. But it is not always about how well you perform at your job. Most often not you are noticed for how well you present your personality and your interaction with the team and its leaders… at the end you are recognized based on your reputation among the organization. And it can come down to the smaller things that most office goers take for granted. Read on to get in the know on how to make a good impression in the office and reap the benefits that will follow.

1. Manage your Time Effectively

You’ll regret it big time for not starting off on the right foot. Making it on time for work or better yet turn up a little earlier and others wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. But to turn up late it can almost suggest you are stealing time and money from the organization (it really is that serious). Same goes for completing projects and task on time. If you manage your time well your seniors will find you are a reliable worker and can depend on you to deliver.

Furthermore, make use of your down time and take the initiative such as organizing your office space, making an early start on a project or ask your senior if there’s something else that needs to be done than catching up on your social media. Don’t be the one who is first to leave, follow the lead of your fellow colleagues and if asked to work overtime don’t make any excuses as your work ethics will be instantly judged upon on such a ‘small’ instance.

How to Make a Good Impression in the Office

2. Communicate Professionally

It’s assumed that those who are heard talking gain all the attention and those who stay to themselves and quietly work away don’t get recognized for their work no matter how good it was. Determine which one of these groups you fall under and readjust to find a balance between the two. Talk and speak up but don’t end up being the one who jabbers away to fill in the air yet doesn’t turn up with the goods. Especially those who seem to constantly behave as if they were at a party gossiping and laughing loudly. Remember you are at work and you need to embody that through your behavior particularly professional communication.

3. Dress the Part

Ok so you are rolling your eyes back at this one because it so obvious but it needs to be mentioned because people constantly break this office etiquette. Some offices may have blurred the lines a bit and have made leeway for such items as jeans. But the professional realm is black and white and that is it, it means dress the part. And just because you saw your colleague wear jeans it doesn’t mean you should too. Jeans are associated with casual wear and trousers are professional. Keep it that way and no one would be able to question your integrity towards your work. And as mention at the start the little things will always count so don’t forget your shoes and well-groomed nails. It’s a telltale sign of how much importance you place on your personality and work.

How to Make a Good Impression in the Office

4. Show a Positive Attitude

Others will pick up on your positive vibe when you show enthusiasm for any task at hand be it good or bad. Not only a mental note will be taken, but others around you will feed off that same energy and is a fine example of teamwork and dealing with stress related work in a professional manner. If you need to vent do so after office hours, preferably at home where you wouldn’t make any regrets.

5. Form Your Networks

Another way to make a good impression in the office is to be friendly. Get to know your colleagues by smiling, asking questions about them (people love to talk about themselves, just keep in mind over sharing of yourself should be avoided) and find common interests which is the basis of strong bonds. But also use this as your chance to learn what makes them tick. By doing so you’ll be able to determine who you should really be associated with and be seen with, either the slackers or hard workers for a more pleasant ofiice experience.

How to Make a Good Impression in the Office

All in all office etiquette comes down to how sincere you take your work and when you are in the know how your colleagues and seniors will certainly take notice of your well groomed personality. What’s the most common mishap in your office? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @PDHotspot

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