How to Look Good in ID Photos

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How to Look Good in ID Photos

How to Look Good in ID Photos


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Can you count the number of times when you had to submit an ID Photo? It feels like it’s everywhere, student ID, passports, job applications, driver’s license and it can go on. And of those times was it picture perfect? We may think it’s just a formality and as long as your eyes are open it will make do. But it is not like any other photo where a few known people may get to see it. ID photos are for the public – viewed by anyone and everyone. You could treat it like you have always done so or with a little attention you can stand out that much more. And there you have it you’ll look good and it’s something to be proud of. So read ahead for a guide that will outline some ways for you to nail your next ID photo.

1. Create an interesting angle: ID photos require us to look straight on at the camera which causes or face to fall flat. By tilting your chin a little down it allows the light to reflect off your features and create depth and interest.

2. Remember your posture: Push your shoulders down and back. This helps you to sit/stand up straight. And creating a look of an attentive personality.

3. Smile: ID photos don’t usually allow for smiling, but it’s still achievable with this trick. Think about smiling with your eyes by slightly squinting the eyes. Known as smizing (coined by the supermodel Tyra Banks). You can also smile ever so slightly. It will definitely give warmth to an otherwise poker face photo.

How to Look Good in ID Photos

4. Clothing: Avoid wearing clothing that has so many things going on with its print and color. Keep it simple so when people look at the photo they’re not distracted by the ‘crazyness’. You would be safe with solid colors and a wardrobe staple (and not that of a current trend that will look outdated in 6 months time).

5. Choose complementary colors: Keep in mind that officially the background would be either white or a light color, so avoid such colors. Dark colors would be your safe bet.

6.Stick to a healthy routine: Get enough sleep so your face will look fresh. And avoid salty food which can make your face look puffy due to water retention. Drinking plenty of water will also aid in prepping up your face too.

7. Be in a good mood: Don’t take a photo while you are upset. Your mind will be running and can easily show in your facial expressions and reflect in your photos. Take a moment for yourself if something has gotten to you before entering the photographer’s studio.

How to Look Good in ID Photos


8. Time of the day: Take your photo when you look fresh and awake, meaning if you are a morning person go in the morning. If you are an evening kind of person then take it then. And may seem like a great plan to squeeze it in right after work, but that would be a no-no.

9. Review Photo: Some photographers may not offer you to review the photo. So make it a point and ask to see if you are satisfied or not.

10. Touch-up: by the time you reach the photographer take a glance in a mirror. Check if everything is in place. Blot your face with a tissue/blotting paper to clear face of excess oil (for women use a compact if you wish). The shininess can appear in photos. Comb your hair into place and check for any other things that may have shifted on your way to the studio.

11. Wear glasses?: If you wear glasses they should be ideally anti-glare. If not tilt them down to avoid glare but make sure your eyes are clearly seen.

Incorporate these tips and watch your personality take on a polished look that you’d gladly submit wherever you go. Let me know how it went for you in the comments below or tweet me @PDHotspot

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