How to Know If You Are Depressed

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How to Know If You Are Depressed

How to Know If You Are Depressed

Feeling sad, upset and let down is a natural feeling we experience at times. Though for some, depression is very serious as it overrides every aspect of life. And more serious is when people do not realize it’s even a problem. Or don’t admit it in fear of being a laughing stock. When depression is not dealt with properly, you’ll reach a point where you blow up from all the pressure. Are you wondering if your sadness has taken a critical turn? Check out these signs and symptoms. If you observed any number of them and it has been at least two weeks please seek out appropriate help to recover from this turmoil.


You can either be doing one of the three, find it hard to sleep at all, incomplete sleep or want to sleep all day long. In any case, your sleep pattern plays havoc as you stress from lack or oversleeping. And consequently affects overall how you go about your day. You can first attempt to rectify the problem with the help of this article – ‘Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep’ by clicking here. And if the problem persists it can be a sign of serious depression.

How to Know If You Are Depressed

Disorganized and Procrastination

People who are depressed can show it in their work and living space. Look around you for signs such as dirty clothing piled up or thrown across the room and you just can’t find anything anywhere at all. Living in such conditions also affects your mood and rate and quality of productivity.

Everyday Decisions

And simple ones at that become confusing and difficult to manage. So much so it’s even to a point where you feel overwhelmed that you cry frequently or instantly feel angry. And confusing again because you don’t even have a proper reason why you are crying or in anger. You feel at a lost with simplest of tasks.


You just don’t have the patience for anything. Even the littlest things as XYZ pushes you to the limits which previously you would have never made a big deal out of. And you may tend to argue with others for no particular reason and talk back. Just like that of a toddler’s and teenager’s tantrum. Furthermore, you no longer have control or even think of those who would be affected from your outbursts.

How to Know If You Are Depressed

Energy Levels

Can’t get out of bed, complete work, and take a shower – not with even an ounce of enthusiasm? These can all be caused by depression. Be certain that it’s not simply caused by an irregular sleeping pattern or lack of some component in your diet. Have a go at his article on “Energy Boosting Foods For Your Personality” to be sure by clicking here. If that is all in check it could be a signal for depression.


Can’t focus at all or take forever to complete an otherwise small task, your concentration is deadbeat. Or you can’t figure out what you would like to say, all of which suggests that of depression. Notice that you can’t think straight often requires you to get help.


Weight gain or loss that is sudden, extreme and unintentional considered by yourself or someone trustworthy has questioned you could be caused by a health issue. But also of serious depression since possibly you have lost your appetite, resorted to overeating in an attempt to compensate your feelings or it’s unexplainable. Either way it should always be checked by a doctor to provide the appropriate solution.

How to Know If You Are Depressed

Hobbies and Interests

Once upon a time there must have been some activities you use to do regularly and had loved. And now you have given up on as they no longer seem like fun. And perhaps you now prefer to sit in your room or be on the internet all day long. If you see you are just passing your days, it’s a tell-tale sign you are depressed.

Avoid Office or School

Likewise, are you calling in sick than having to go to the office or school? Turning up late? Or find any reason possible to leave early? And complaints are coming in that it’s far too many times? Your career, schooling, and life are at stake, not to mention those who love you. Struggling to make do won’t work either as the lack of quality work will show for it that something is definitely going wrong with you.

Negative Thinking

What’s going through your mind these days? For the next two weeks listen in to what you are telling yourself and write it all down. Typically someone who feels low will consistently beat themselves up along the lines of “I’m such a failure”, “Nothing good ever happens to me” and “Life is not worth living for”. Was there any glimpse of hope and happiness? If not, you need to take action against these negative thoughts.

How to Know If You Are Depressed

What to Do

Sincerely work through this article on “depression’, you might be able to cope with it yourself. And if depression doesn’t decrease or stop altogether (don’t lose hope) you need to seek out professional help right away.

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