How to Increase Your Confidence Quickly

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How to Increase Your Confidence Quickly

How to Increase Your Confidence Quickly


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Your low confidence is bringing you down and because of this your life seems worthless. But you know somewhere deep down you need to make a change and have a hunch it’s possible. And you’re right 😀 . This can take months and years to work on but in the meantime there are quick ways to increase your confidence. They are all quite small though when used make a huge and instant improvement to your personality. So small, it’s worth a shot. 🙂

Take Pride in Your Grooming

You regularly bathe, brush your teeth and comb your hair. Maybe you also do a little bit extra, shave. It feels good to keep up to date with these, but wouldn’t it be better if your look was totally complete? Taking pride in your grooming means that you haven’t missed an inch of your grooming and appearance. Maybe you already know what you could do. And for those who don’t go check yourself in the mirror. And tick off if any of these apply to you.

  • Need to moisturizer
  • Get a manicure/pedicure
  • Remove all unwanted hair.
  • Use your favorite perfume.
  • Wear your favorite and complementing colors.
  • Anything else you can add can go here. 🙂

Take care of business now and you won’t ever feel like you don’t look good enough.

How to Increase Your Confidence Quickly

Use Your Power Poses

Standing up tall will definitely get that confidence going. But a power pose is called a power pose for a really good reason. They look stronger which in turn makes you feel more confident. Here are a few you can have a go at.

  • The Superman/Wonder woman pose
  • The CEO “relaxed in their Office chair” pose
  • The Performer “this is so awesome” pose
  • The Loomer “I’m bigger than anyone else” pose

They can look a little over the top so it’s best kept for a private moment in your room, cubicle or even the washroom will do. Just strike it a second for a quick boost of confidence when needed.

How to Increase Your Confidence Quickly

Complete a Task You Were Putting Off

We all have something we’ve been putting off. But really just get it done now, there’re no more excuses allowed. I bet it’s been nagging you for a while now too. Complete it and feel much lighter. And even if it was a small task you’ll feel accomplished and proud of what you have done. It can start the ball rolling for other tasks that again need completing and again your confidence will grow. See how a small effort can really make a difference.

Listen or Watch a Motivational Clip

Charismatic people just suck their audiences in. They look amazing, behave proper and communicate in such a way their audience can’t help themselves but listen to every word they have to say. The best of them are capable of inspiring and motivating you to do something great. Just what you need. So YouTube anyone you are a fan of. And listen in to their personal stories. You could probably relate to what they are saying and feel confident that your very own story can create wonders too.

Make Someone’s Day

Have you ever noticed that when you help someone out and in return they show their appreciation with a smile and thanks?. Keep it up. It shouldn’t require you to go out of your way either if you happen to see someone in need do what you can, open the door for another, pick up something they may have dropped or complementing one’s appearance or achievement are simple acts yet will also put on smile on your face too.

How to Increase Your Confidence Quickly

Break a Sweat

For the beginner, it’s not even suggested that you need to strain yourself by being so vigorous nor need to work out every day of the week. As long as you sweat it out it counts because it makes you believe you have worked hard on your fitness even when you haven’t achieved you ultimate goal just yet. Take the opportunity now to go up a flight or stairs or take a walk if you haven’t done so in a while. And for the enthusiasts push yourself just a little more. Any sort of progress mean progress and that’s a good thing especially for a quick boost in confidence.

Pump Yourself Up

Athletes and performers get pumped up for a big event not because it’s tradition, but it works. It get’s your blood flowing, sets your mood, gets you focused on the task and lifts your confidence through the roof nice and quickly. Only perfect for you to practice too, try it before you start your day or before a big event.

  • Listen to some upbeat music and dance it
  • Use affirmations like “I’m going to have a good day”. Or create a chant “Yes I can”
  • Strike your best power pose
  • Shake your body out
  • And shout if you have to. 🙂

Pumping myself up always works its magic. Which tip would be your favorite? Let me know in the comments below or Whatsapp me on +91 95 06 505059

Until next time.

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