How to Impress a Woman

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How to Impress a Woman

How to Impress a Woman

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Valentine’s Special

She may not know you (yet), but you are going to knock her off her feet. Just like how you’ve seen in every Bollywood film you’re watched. In real life, it may seem like it’s impossible with a sea of guys around, you could wonder how she would ever notice you. However, with these tips you don’t need to dream no longer because when used effectively your dreams can all come true.

Dress to Impress

A sloppy guy, underdressed, lacks grooming equals underwhelming. Just what you don’t want to do. Women will never question nor look down on a  well-dressed man who pays attention to every inch of their look, from nicely trimmed hair, to a clean and well put together outfit and to the stylish accessories accompanying it. Though don’t be fooled she doesn’t want to see you show off with expensive wear. She will appreciate a well-put-together man because it indicates a guy who respects himself enough to put effort into his look and that alone.

How to Impress a Woman

Keep Good Eye Contact

We don’t blame you, women are beautiful to look at and (for a major part) that’s why you are attracted to them. But you know what is right too. They will easily detect when you are looking them up-and-down and it puts them in an uncomfortable position. So much so that all they’d want to do is to reject you right there and then. No matter how much you feel an urge to do so, at all times keep your eye in contact level with hers. Just don’t go overboard to the extent of staring, that’s super creepy too. Keep it casual though enough to show her respect and give decent attention.

Smell Amazing

Just as you would react to someone with bad body odor or an overwhelmingly strong perfume scent that’s exactly how she would feel too. It would be so ewww that you most likely remember it too (sorry for the bad memories 😛 ). The scent of a man not only gets the girls turning their head but has an incredibly long-lasting effect as even when you are gone she’ll still be able to remember you. So you better make it a good one, pick your favorite deodorant or perfume and be sure to reapply when needed.

How to Impress a Woman

Have a Drive

When a girl learns you have a passion and you are working hard on it, it’s a huge turn on. No one wants to be associated with laziness. Make it known to her that you are heading down a good path and that will make her fantasize of being with you. Since, having a drive confirms that you are destined to reach your goal which (and if she is with you) will provide her with the sense of a safe and secure life together.

Have an Opinion

Following the trends and settling with whatever is the norm shows you are part of your gang. Impressive not! Always agreeing with others can be so bland. Having an opinion with no logic, all talk but no game. Make a strong case, show some conviction, and support it with ideas and personal examples. Now you will you stand out and look interestingly unique that she would want to hear more from you.

Ask the Right Questions

Listen to any conversation and you’d find that people like to talk about themselves. And this also holds true with women. Asking questions will aid in this and will show her you are taking a keen interest in her. Just don’t lead the conversation into an interview like session rather ask open-ended questions that she would happily talk on-and-on about. Such as “So tell me about yourself?” or ask for her opinion like “What do you think about (such and such)?”. Treat her as you would with a friend and she’ll become comfortable and more reciprocal with you.

How to Impress a Woman

Be a Gentleman

Yes, it’s modern times now and yes, women are independent and strong. But they can’t help but fall in love with a gentleman. Brush up on your manners and etiquettes, open the door for her, offer your seat and enjoy the moment she replies with a smile and thanks. As such ‘small’ acts that display respect and courtesy are quite memorable since these days it is almost a neglected practice.

Compliment Her

Now you don’t want her to mistake you for just a friend. Complementing her will tell her you like her more than a friend. But wait just a minute, it is a fine line between hey for noticing and yeah that was just weird type of reaction. So again be casual about it and only do so when it is deemed appropriate (and not all of a sudden). If she has done something new to her look, throw a quick compliment. Of them all, on greeting her is the easiest opportunity to give a  compliment so use it to your advantage.

Be Fun-Loving

Everyone wants to have fun but as life can be serious most times people forget how to let it go for a bit. It will be  refreshing for a girl to find someone who just can have fun even in a bad or boring moment. I’m not asking you to be a funny man, not everyone is gifted in that but at least see life a little lighter. Make a comment on how something is odd, smile, laugh or if you don’t mind be a prankster or just sing or dance (as long as no one is hurt in the process).

How to Impress a Woman

Socialize with Her Social Circle

Now if you are capable of socializing with her own circle you’ve closed the deal and she’ll surely think of you other than a friend. By being able to conversate and come across as a sensible yet fun-loving guy with her family and friends it reassures her that they like you too and they’ll more likely be fine with a partnership she may make with you.

But, all this effort would be a waste if it was not for this – be yourself. Women are impressed the most when you are yourself. Since, you are honest and you didn’t feel the need to pretend to be someone else and in the process deceive her. All the best. 🙂

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