How to Get Over a Bad Day

How to Get Over a Bad Day

How to Get Over a Bad Day

Your day was supposed to start like any other but unexpectedly something happens. We all have them now and then. You know those bad ones like when your boss criticized your work, you got low marks in your test, had a fight with your loved one and the weather was so bad you couldn’t do anything in which you had set out to do for the day. I’m sure you can add a few of your own too. Though they do make for a bad day from this point on you can change that. Here are a few strategies you can use to get over it so you can move on with your day (and the following ones) in a better mood.

Remove Yourself from “The Room”

So you’ve come to the conclusion you are having a terrible day the first thing you can try is to remove yourself from the situation. Go outside for a breather, the next room or if you that’s not possible make a b-line to the washroom. The change in room will allow your emotions to calm down. Give it as much time as possible to the point where you’re calm enough to think rationally. Hopefully, you are over it by then and if not you can, at least, be refocused to finish off your task for the day. And then make time afterward to deal with it appropriately.

How to Get Over a Bad Day

Distract Yourself

Your mind may not be able to get over the issue. And often not you are found yourself retelling it over and over again that it can leave you feeling so exhausted. In this case making a distraction will release tension and make you forget about it for at least a moment. Pick something that you would enjoy such as putting on some upbeat music or watching a funny movie, TV serial or online video. Don’t be tempted to listen and watch sad stuff because it matches your mood, as it will only reinforce your bad mood. Rather keep it positive to feel a pleasant change.

Don’t Take It Out On Others

Having a bad day can really make you boil up inside. And for some, it becomes so much that we take our frustrations out on others in the form of shouting and in some cases physical abuse. It may have seemed like the only option at the moment, but you know better than that. If you go ahead you’ll only feel regret for hurting someone and chances are you make the problem even worse than it initially was. Take this as a reminder in that type of moment to resist the urge.

How to Get Over a Bad Day

Let It All Out

But it is still important to let it all out but the key is to do it in a positive way. So try out one of the following that takes your liking. Write what had happened and how you feel about in a letter or journal is a good option to make sense of what the problem is and when you don’t feel comfortable telling someone. However, it is also highly recommended to vent it to a trusted person. This will really lift a load off your shoulders. And they could maybe give another perspective you didn’t consider on the issue.

Do Some Light Exercise

For those who are not already in the habit by reading this, it can be a drag and the last thing you would want to do. But it’s regarded as a great strategy as it physically releases tension, gets the blood and oxygen flowing and produce happy chemicals (endorphins) in the body to change your mood. And if you set some type of goal like beating your best time or using a heavier weight or even just a small goal of getting up and moving your body distracts the mind in performing the task and on succeeding at it produces a feel good factor too.

How to Get Over a Bad Day

Refuse to Give In To Treats

Treats can sound like a good idea to boost up our mood like that of reaching out for junk food, over eating, buying new things, smoking or drinking alcohol. And yes it does give you an instant gratification however soon after negative feelings will flood right back in. Such as, you feel guilty for buying something unnecessary, spending over your budget or doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing. Furthermore, you could feel sluggish or sick from consuming unhealthy foods, drinks and other substances. As a consequence, this makes you even feel more horrible. Thus, you’ll be off refusing such ‘treats’.

Give Time for It To Pass

Giving time can help heal the wounds. Depending on the situation it can be as short as sleeping it off and starting afresh the next day. Go to sleep a little earlier than usual, make your sleeping room as comfortable as possible and aim for 8 hours of quality sleep. If this doesn’t come so easily to you try out these “Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep”, you can click here for more.

And for other situations, you can take a look at the bigger picture. Ask yourself would this even matter to you in weeks, months or years time. If not be rest assured that with time you will be back in better perspective and mind at ease.

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