How to Get Out of Depression

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How to Get Out of Depression


How to Get Out of Depression

Feeling stuck in a deep dark hole (also known as depression) is the most frustrating thing ever. Your day is set for failure right from the beginning. You have the worst attempt of sleep. It’s impossible to get out of bed. Thinking straight, eating properly and accomplishing a daily routine is out of the question. Even reading this is a major struggle. However, you’ve made the right step here. Keep on at it, just read. Let this information soak in and then take hold of the motivation you found to get out of depression.

Set Small Goals

Right now everything is an absolute burden. Thus, I can’t expect you to read these points and magically you will be fine. Rather, let’s start off small so you don’t feel overwhelmed. For every point onwards in this article, break it down to the smallest task possible. For example, socializing may not come easy for you but beginning small with just appearing at a party, work, school or any other event with a known person is a greater accomplishment than avoiding it all by staying home and consequently feeling lonelier. So continue to keep this in mind, make a small goal that is achievable for you so you feel motivated to keep on getting out of the hole one step at a time.

Talk to Someone

Depression is very bothersome and is very rare to get out of alone. Humans have a natural tendency to find comfort in others thus you would benefit from it too. Find someone you trust, that they will not only listen to you but also respect you. If you don’t have someone, another option is joining groups and pages online which are created to support such issues. It can be scary to disclose your feelings though you shouldn’t be embarrassed by it. Your thoughts and feelings are very much natural and there is always someone there who wants to see you happy.

How to Get Out of Depression

How to Get Out of Depression


It may sound very easy to avoid events and people all together but you are really not doing yourself a favor in the long run. You know that lonely feeling is there so something bad is happening. Here you will need to be a bit brave and go out of your way to appear at events and begin to talk to people but it will be worth it. You can build your confidence just in making some small talk. And who knows you could also enjoy it as you meet different people with various interests, which some you maybe having a liking too.

Keep Busy

Make a busy day for yourself so you have no time to think about being depressed. Even for a little while, it will be a nice break for you. Keep it positive and try to do more study, work, and running errands, improve on a skill and/or use up time to clean and organize your space. Furthermore, you can also look at it this way – you are being more productive than you have ever been before.

Have Fun

Feeling depressed is essentially feeling sad thus let’s create more happy vibes and do something you enjoy. Choose something that you are interested in like getting back into some hobby you once did. It could be something creative like craft projects, art, and writing. Or something physical like sport or exercise. Or as simple as listening to some up- beat music and dancing crazily in private or watching something funny.

How to Get Out of Depression

How to Get Out of Depression

Think Realistically

The common behavior of depressed people is that they always see themselves and life in a bad light – everything about it is just wrong. But to be fair this is only one train of thought and if you asked around there are different opinions about you and life. From you are amazing to yes you do have weaknesses but it can be improved on. So let’s take a closer look.

  •  Negative Thinking

About Yourself

“I can’t speak properly” can be changed to “Little-by-little I can say something correct more often” or “I will Google it and find out how to say it”

“I look ugly” can be changed to picking one aspect that is beautiful about yourself such as “I have amazing hair/eyes/skin or whatever else is applicable”. Now come on everyone has something attractive about them… admit it, you do too. 🙂

Make a list of 3 things you can do well and physical attributes you have. Keep it with you on your phone or put it near your bedside to remind yourself the next time you feel depressed.

About Unpleasant Events

Had some bad experience? Think of an alternative for why it happened that way. Or think of a better plan for next time can equally be useful. Make a list of 4-5 solutions and choose your best option. In doing this you will be more pro-active and be fixing your situation than just letting the problem continue and using up the same energy in just trying avoiding it.

  • Stop Comparing

Find yourself comparing with those who are happy and successful? Well, let’s jump back to the truth. They are only depicting only one side of their life on social media and in public. And we really we don’t know what is happening behind closed doors or in their mind for a matter of fact. Comparing is only a loss or time and energy because you can’t change with wishful thinking alone. You’d be better off just focusing on yourself, at least you can make an actually change for the better.

  • Living for Others

Find yourself doing things to make others happy, such as parents, husband and/or friends. That’s a loss of time and energy again. When you put your happiness to the side, of course, you are going to get into depression and feel hopeless.

How to Get Out of Depression

How to Get Out of Depression

Give Compliments to Yourself

This will act as a good reminder that “Hey I have done well”. Since most often not, you have done well and possibly often too but you’ve never really paid attention to it since you are too busy telling yourself you are horrible. So from now on appreciate yourself more, even on the smallest achievement like eating healthy or getting out of bed because once before you may have never done that and for you, it’s an achievement.

Focus on Your Health

We loose our mind in depression and is reflected in our health. Also, consider these points as another important part of getting out of depression.

  • Grooming

    Simple grooming will make you look put together and is the beginning of feeling much better about yourself. Focus on the small things like brushing your teeth, combing your hair and pressing your day clothes. Even if you are not leaving the house for that day. And you’ll notice the difference in a mood more if you take an extra step like paying attention to body hair and moisturizing your entire body from head to toe.

  • Being Active

    Obviously, people will say exercise here but that’s not for everyone, agreed? So why not just walk around a little more (it’s much better than feeling the guilt when you do nothing at all). Or do some housework, that’s being more active, isn’t it? Or choose something that’s actually fun like playing a sport or join along with children playing.

  • Eat Well

    Most of us know what is good for us, we just need to actually implement it in our diet and once again the best suggestion is to start off small. Observe what is missing from your diet, fruits, vegetable, and multivitamin or just eating anything and let’s say begin by eating a small portion. Or is it that you need to cut down on something like excessive oil. fat, sugar, salt and so forth. You can vary the amount of it according to what sounds easy for you.

  • Getting Good Sleep

    Getting good sleep makes the difference between functioning and not function well. So to see you through it cannot be easily explained here. If you suffer from sleepless night then take a look at the following article for appropriate help by clicking here.

How to Get Out of Depression

How to Get Out of Depression

  • Meditate or Pray

    The benefits here are that you are training your mind to be at peace and quiet for at least a moment. And if you have a religion you may have trust that though everything seems bad now that there is a possibility that it can get better for you.

Appreciate Life

If you think about it for a moment your life is possibly better than what other may have. Be grateful for it, every moment of it. For example, you are alive; you may be surrounded by loving people. You can read this. And possibly you are more fortunate than has been mentioned. Make it a point to contemplate so you can have a moment of realization that your life is not all that bad.

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Remember there is always a solution even if you can’t see it just yet. So don’t give up. Keep on reading and talking it out. And down the track, you will come to a solution.

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