How to Feel Good About Yourself

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How to Feel Good About Yourself – Change Your Thinking

How to Feel Good About Yourself

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You can’t stop but hate yourself. You don’t look good, don’t fit in with any group, no one seems to like you and hopelessly fail at tasks all the time. You are just not good enough for anything. You have perhaps noticed that you spend your days beating yourself up. This is a sure sign you have been trapped into a dark hole of low self-esteem where you have convinced yourself that nothing about you seems to be right. Here’s is one question for you – would you treat your best friend in the same way? Chances are it’s highly not. Rather you would  try to lift their spirits up, point out all the good qualities in them and achievements they’ve made. So why not be your very own best friend (you too have some great qualities and have achieved too). With these tips, you too can escape the dark hole and feel good about yourself.

Take Care of Your Self

Remember the time you tried on some new clothing you’ve always wanted?… It feels amazing. You can also feel amazing everyday when you take better care of yourself. Aim to add these to your daily or weekly maintenance routine for a well-polished personality.

Exercise: Determine what your goal is, is it to lose weight, gain weight, define muscle or simply to get your body moving. When you keep up with your exercise it has its health and beauty benefits but also, improves your mental health too. As your happy hormones are kicked into gear the achievement of accomplishing your exercise for the day brings about satisfaction.

How to Feel Good About Yourself

How to Feel Good About Yourself

Grooming: We all could do something more with our grooming. You could be knowing it by now, your skin, body hair, nails, body odor, something will need more attention. Deal to it now and more importantly make it a priority as much as bathing and brushing your teeth is.

Clothing: Choose clothing in cuts, colors and fabrics that you enjoy, that compliments you well and are comfortable wearing. The last thing you want is to go out wearing something that you loathe because your mind will always be unsettled about it and it will unconsciously show in your facial expressions, body language and possibly mood too.

Change Your Self-Talk

When faced with a challenge and fear has a hold of you. Without thought, a recording of negative self-talk begins in you. “No one finds me interesting”, “I’m too ugly, “I’m a loser”. What are yours? Write them down the next time you need to do something that you don’t want to do. It could be when someone invites you to a party or you have to make a speech or complete any task. It is your main concern now to exchange it with positive self-talk. Along the lines of “I’ll have a go”, “I’ll at least show up” and “I’ll be fine at this”.

Don’t Rely on Others Approval

Complements feel great and judgments make you feel low. Relying on others approval is like an endless struggle. However, when you look at it others are just that of an opinion based on small glimpses of you. They don’t truly know you, seen what you have been through and what you are capable of. And at the end of the day, you are the only one who has to live with yourself so it means that your own opinion is the most valid and should matter the most.

How to Feel Good About Yourself

How to Feel Good About Yourself

Stop Comparing

It’s funny how when we compare ourselves to others, we can always find something better in them. You’ve been caught in this trap for so long it has become second nature to pick out your negatives. But when you stop comparing you’ll see that you put less emphasis on your weaknesses as you begin to be busy on working on improving yourself.

Have a Good Social Circle

Humans are vulnerable and are influenced by the media, strangers, peers, bosses, family and friends. Though with thorough consideration, not all are good for us, which is why you need to decide who you would like to hang out with. Such people should be capable of providing a positive environment which supports and encourages you to do great things. They will be there for you in difficult times and even in the lowest moments keep everything upbeat.

Be Grateful for Opportunities

For every opportunity that is handed to you, you quite likely prefer to run away and hide behind a rock. The fear has become that overwhelming though you are losing out on opportunities that can enhance your personality and standard of living. Force yourself to take a different stand on opportunities and be grateful for everyone one of them that comes your way (you are lucky 🙂 ). Yeah, they scare you out of your wits but by pushing yourself (if need be it throw yourself) in the deep end the outcomes would outweigh the rest.

How to Feel Good About Yourself

How to Feel Good About Yourself

Share Your Accomplishments with Family and Friends

With every accomplishment, no matter how small they seem, make it a point not to brush them off. Own every win and let everyone know about it. Your family and friends would love to hear from you because they love you and want to see how awesome you are. Their pride in you will help motivate you to keep reaching for your goals and make you feel good that when you see them happy you will feel happy too.

Accept Complements Graciously

Compliments are a win too. But as mentioned above you don’t want to be obsessed yet don’t neglect them all together either. Find a balance in between where you can acknowledge complements graciously. Someone has just appreciated your worth. Allow for them to be a nice little pick me up that keeps you on the course of success.

How to Feel Good About Yourself

How to Feel Good About Yourself

Change the Mood

Even the greatest have their bad days, so expect yours to come again too. But this time you’ll be better prepared to escape the trap. Be alert when you start to feel depressed and catch yourself out. Use the opinions that are available and what works for you the best. Talk your way out of it, go for an unplanned exercise session, jump up and down 😛 , lose yourself to music or with no excuses remove yourself from the room. The change of scene will refresh your body and mind and take on a different angle (that which is positive) outlook on your life. (How to Feel Good About Yourself)

Life is too good to spend your days feeling useless. Make a change for yourself and feel good. High self-esteem will help you find the success and happiness you deserve.

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How to Feel Good About Yourself

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