How to Calm Your Nerves

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How to Calm Your Nerves

How to Calm Your Nerves

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When faced by an important task and no matter how much prep work you have done, you feel them nerves coming on. You heart’s pounding, hands are sweaty, butterflies in your stomach, shaking uncontrollably and your mind is running in circles. We all face this, from freshers to professionals, experience doesn’t always play a part with how well we deal with our nerves. But knowing how to deal with it, you can calm yourself down, focus more and accomplish the task at hand with greater ease. And better yet, with such a show of calmness others wouldn’t be so able to realize you were either.

1 – Don’t Admit It

Don’t entertain that you are nervous in the slightest bit, otherwise you will surely break and become nervous. When you put so much focus on your nerves it’ll end up controlling you and your final result.

  • Imagine how you will perform your task – how you will look, use your body language, what you will say and how you will sound. By imagining how you will behave you’ll have a clearer idea of how things should go (without the nerves playing a part).
  • Don’t show it – Instead smile, show calmness and talk to others like nothing is even happening.
  • And if it seems to show, roll with it and keep on going with your task. Have you ever noticed how when a model trips on the catwalk they just stand up and keep walking… they need to finish what they went out to accomplish. If they sat there and cried the audience and fashion designer would take a note of their poor character, something you wouldn’t want to be remembered for. As it would likely result in loss of work and income.

 How to Calm Your Nerves

2 – Accept it

In some sense a contradiction to the above point (but hey life is full of contradictions 😛 because in real life, not everything goes to plan 🙂 ).

  • You can go ahead and tell others you feel nervous. And quite likely you’ll find that those would feel the same.
  • When you confide in others it brings about a comfort level and builds a rapport which otherwise maybe you would never have been able to form.
  • Also sometimes when we are nervous it can actually work in our favor. Since when we are nervous it shows we are sincere towards that task and would work hard to complete it.

3 – Breath

Sometimes we forget to breathe and/or we tend to take short breaths causing less oxygen to enter our bodies and thus making us even more nervous than otherwise.

  • So take those deep breaths every so often. In through the nose and out through the mouth.
  • Control your breathing by focusing on good quality and rhythm of breaths.
  • Ideally, if you can remove yourself from the situation, focus on controlling your breath and then come back in to work on your task.

How to Calm Your Nerves

4 – Self Talk

Talk yourself into it – Talk, talk, talk, trust yourself and believe. Let go of whatever talk that is holding you back.

  • And replace it with “I can do this”.
  • “I have to do it anyways, so I may as well try my hardest.” and
  • “I don’t know everything and that’s ok.”
  • Positive self-talk helps you feel better, allowing your worries to dissipate and achieve greater sucess.

5 – Put Yourself on the Line

When you stay in your comfort zone you’ll never be one step closer to success and that of which will make you truly feel happy.

  • Put yourself in a position where you don’t have a choice that only which to perform.
  • Don’t even give yourself an option to pull out.
  • Forget that you will make mistakes and be the laughing stock. At the end only you will be at a loss.

How to Calm Your Nerves

Some may say practice will do, however, nervousness is a natural instinct we humans have. By making use of relevant strategies, you will be able to cope with nerves whenever they tend to occur. You’ll find that you’ll be able to refocus such nervous energy into being productive 9which counts the most 🙂 ). Whats the one thing that you get nervous about easily? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me at @PDHotspot

Until next time.

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