How to be Patient

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How to Be Patient

How to be Patient

Frustrated because you can’t get what you want? Just stop right there – frankly speaking, being impatient isn’t going to solve it. As your body tenses up, your inclination to shouting or maybe being physically violent and/or crying on about it is not going to get you anywhere best. No matter which negative act you feel like doing, either the situation just gets worse or you have no control over it at all. However, fortunately, you do have control over the way you behave and react. And this will be the difference between feeling ok about it and you can go about your day. And feeling terribly desperate that you can’t concentrate properly on anything else going on in your daily life. To make this difference here’s how you can be patient and live out a happier life.

Know What Makes you Tensed

You may already know what it is but if you halfheartedly know have a go at writing every single moment down that makes you tensed. Include every episode, from ones where your body tenses up to thoughts where you react irrationally. Once noted review it and you should notice when and where tensed situations occur. Through this exercise, you can see not only when and where it happens but now you get to understand what you can do to avoid being tensed. For example, if you are stuck in traffic instead of cursing on the situation find a solution like passing the time to music.

How to be PatientHow to be Patient

Control Yourself

Another solution when you tense up is to learn to control your body. A quick and easy method is to take at least 3 deep breaths, making sure to really focus on taking it in and out slowly. This is another form of distracting your mind. And ss a reminder for your body to breath as sometimes we forget or take too short of a breath in such moments. Also, your body will slow down, including that of a racing heart and relax.

Embrace the Uncomfortable Situation

This means when facing a tensed time remind yourself that you simply cannot do anything about the situation, by saying “This is truly out of your hands and no matter what I do this cannot change right now”. Thus, now you have a reason why you shouldn’t get worked up about it because absolutely nothing positive will come out of it. Hence, this will save you the emotional roller coaster and possibly the embarrassment.

Let it Out

When something bothers you, if you keep all your tension in, all it will only do is foster more tension as your mind repeatedly overthinks it without a satisfying conclusion. However, if you were to talk to someone about it, it helps to release the tension. Furthermore, it will clear your mind and possibly by discussing it out could allow you to be at peace with the situation at hand.

How to be Patient

How to be Patient

Distract Yourself

Another way to ease the tension is to distract yourself. We all carry a mobile so going on social media or playing a game could work for you. But this is only a short-term solution. For something that is long-term and that will cease impatience pick an activity where you have invested your time, emotions and skills. Choose a project you want to create, improve on a skill, and achieve recognition and/or compensation. Such as a new job, hobby, taking up a new class, joining a club and so forth.

Stop Perfectionism

You maybe have thought out how you want your life to be: the perfect partner, perfect family, perfect job and everything else will be just like how you dreamt of. You could plan it out and if you are lucky some of it may come true but usually not the lot. However, we are talking about life and to tell you the truth life is and never will be perfect. If you were to ask around you’ll find many people telling the same. Thus, have a go at looking at life a little differently – you win some, you lose. And if it didn’t happen, it wasn’t meant to be. You may not know it yet but something else that is good is still to come your way.

Does it Really Matter?

You can also look at it this way – you can live equally a happy life without it. This is hard to believe? Take a look at other people who are in a similar predicament as you. Or those that still are happy with very less. Now can you appreciate your position? If you can’t find someone else, at least ask yourself this question. Can I live without it? If the answer is yes, then just let go of what you are trying to fight for.

Work at It

And if you believe what you want is possible and through insight and research you know it can happen, and then work for it. And little by little you will get there. Just give it time.

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