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Fun & Easy Ways to Learn English Faster (Updated)


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What conjures up in your mind when you hear you need to learn English? The usual thought is that you sit on your study table for hours, read a big textbook and maybe take some notes. That obviously doesn’t sound like much fun. And it’s such a burden because, for many, it is not your interest but you know it is good for you. However here’s some good news, you don’t need to learn English like you were at school. Just look at native English speakers they don’t usually go to school until 4-5 years of age and they already have a good command over English. They learned English through their day-to-day routine like experimenting, discovering and … through fun. It is as very much a valid way of learning as traditional schooling and when both coincide will help you pick up on English faster than you normally would with studying alone.

1 – Games and Gaming

Games are fun, aren’t they? You would be so much involved in trying to win that you don’t realize your English coincidently is improving at the same time. So grab a hold at a few of these games and play as much as you can throughout your week.

  • Board games: Guess who? Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Caram, Monopoly, Charades, Jinga, Scabble.
  • Video Gaming: RPGs, Adventure, online games and children educational games that are revolved around a story and engage you in reading, listening and speaking skills.
  • Writing games: Noughts and crosses, Pictionary and Hangman.
  • Speaking game: Truth of dare/lie, 20 Questions and I spy.

Like any game, there are rules and you guessed it the number one rule here is you can only converse in English. If you speak in any other language, you are deducted points and/or out of the game. (Fun Easy Ways to Learn English Faster)


2 – Read

Now wait a minute this doesn’t mean reading textbooks, newspapers, novels and that’s it. I really do mean keep it fun. Read only what interests you. Sport, makeup, and beauty, tech, whatever it maybe. You can find websites, magazines, and comics on every topic. And why reading is a great choice? Well, you get to take your time. Read slowly, read it more than once, check out the meaning online and all without losing out on understanding what everything actually means.

3 – Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube gives you first-hand experience of listening to how native English speakers talk and express themselves according to different situations and emotions – it is as close to that of real life and importantly it is not textbook English.

  • Do you have a favorite Actor? Watch all their Interviews taken in English.
  • Have an interest or hobby (gaming, makeup, parenting, cooking, serial reviews, movie reviews, sports)? Learn about it in English.

Also, most videos don’t have an option for subtitles. And this is great. People who start out learning can easily get sucked into subtitles and become too dependent on them. So much so that the likelihood of losing the momentum to learn English is high. As the focus is shifted from absorbing the meaning of what is spoken to just plain reading text.

  • Bonus, you can read the comments section below the video to see how others have responded. You could also use it too, and gain feedback on how others may understand you. (Fun Easy Ways to Learn English Faster)

4 – Social Media

Have friends that engage in English? Go join in on the fun. If your friends are not so active in English, join groups and pages, follow and subscribe to social media sites who comment in English. There are many communities out there who would love to respond to you. And if you have the opportunity, make a connection with a native English speaker. It’s a great opportunity for real-time English interaction. I’m always available, click here for more details. 🙂 (Fun Easy Ways to Learn English Faster)


5 – The One Minute Speech

Do you know someone that can already communicate in English? If so spend some time talking with them… and this is the easy part, for only a minute at a time. Now here’s the deal, with this one minute speak on any topic spontaneously. It can be something light like pens, the color red or something you enjoy such as food, music or something serious like the news and so on. The listener needs to note where you can improve. Then you consider these note the next time you speak. And that’s it. Quick and easy and you know exactly how you can improve. And for those topics you feel stuck, think of a time when something happened to you because it’s much easier saying something you have actually experienced rather than taking about black and white facts and figures.

6 – Watch Sport

If grasping English is your priority flip over to the English broadcasting.

  • Once again watch a sport that you like and even better get others involved too in ‘learning’ English.
  • These commentators are talented too. It’s the perfect showcase of men and woman from across the globe who provide their input about the game and deliver spoken English with flare. And most of them are quite memorable for their style of talk wouldn’t you say?

7 – Download English Learning Apps

Most of us have our phones on us all the time. And apps are so convenient to use because you can open them at your fingertips anytime and anywhere.

When searching for apps it’s hard to know which one you would actually use. So here are 3 that are highly recommended for beginners to advance and are free to use. (Fun Easy Ways to Learn English Faster)

Rosetta Stone



And there you have it. These are all without attempting to pick any sort of traditionally learning material. Fun and Easy Ways to Learn English Faster. Which way is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below or message me on Facebook –

Until next time.

Fun Easy Ways to Learn English Faster

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