Benefits of Yoga for Your Personality

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Benefits of Yoga for Your Personality

Benefits-of-Yoga-1Benefits of Yoga for Your Personality

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Why is it that Yoga has taken the world by storm? It seems like the craze will never die down. Well, we all know how our modern times play havoc and you could say it’s a necessary evil. Office politics, exam competitions, family commitments, “keeping up with the Joneses”, looking slim and trim are all social norms that stress us to the maximum. And that’s what it is people are reaching the highest form of stress these days and simply letting it be is leading us to higher rates of depression, violence, divorces, and suicide. And to curb such stress people in their droves are making it a priority to practice yoga be it at the gym, in parks and when time is a constraint in the comfort of our homes. So should you jump on the bandwagon too? It could be the difference between you being unhappy or happy. And what better way yoga is a great solution to many problems. Could you say no to any of its benefits?

1. Stress Relief

Yoga provides the nice opportunity for a well-deserved break away from our stress triggers. And just like the effect of medication, only after a few minutes the stresses that were build up throughout the day can be greatly reduced.

Benefits of Yoga for Your Personality

2. Inner Peace

Have you ever seen someone who practices yoga? If you had to describe them in one word it can likely be “clam” and they take it with them where ever they go including in stressful times. Yoga promotes calmness and build mental strength and a positive outlook on life where you’ll find nothing will seem to faze you almost at all.

3. Cool Factor

Yoga has a ‘cool’ tag attached to it. And it seems everyone is doing it so you wouldn’t want to also feel left out. And don’t forget the fashion, being seen adorning your yoga pants and carrying your mat are symbol of your social status. And it’s very comfortable to wear at that. 🙂

4. Weight Management

Most known yoga styles that of Hatha yoga consists of slow movements and you may question if you would ever lose weight. But hey anything is better than nothing. And since yoga promotes strength in return helps shape your body by improving muscle tone. Also, 🙂 the more experienced you are you can push yourself to burn more calories with the vigorous types of yoga like Power Yoga or sweat it out with Hot Yoga.

Benefits of Yoga for Your Personality

5. Increase Strength, Flexibility, and Balance

When practiced on a frequent basis yoga will help improve your physical fitness and reduce the chances of injury, pain, and medical mishaps. And is a great choice no matter what level of fitness you are at, for beginners you can start slow and easy, or if you have some experience you can challenge yourself with Power yoga. Also, you can alter poses according to your ability.

6. Correct Body Posture

Through constant practice, our body will automatically align. And not only can it correct health issues such as neck and back pain when we hold ourselves upright we feel and look confident. And others will notice it too with just one look a perception of our well polished personality is formed.

7. Improve Focus and Concentration

Often not we stress about things that might happen in the future yoga makes us be at the moment. Beginners to yoga will struggle with this concept. I often found my mind wandering off too. But with practice and concentrating on how I move my body, perform poses switch between poses and watch my breathing while doing it all I was able to stay in the moment. And not to mention the movement encourage blood circulation and with that the flow of oxygen through the body. This skill is transferable to any situation you face in our day-to-day routine.

Benefits of Yoga for Your Personality

8. Sound Sleep:

It is a better option than most other exercises such since they tend to over stimulate your body with its vigorous movements. The slow movements of yoga help relax the mind and body and exhaust all its remaining energy from the day. It provides the perfect downtime that helps prepare the body into sleep mode. Sound sleep means you be more energized for the following day.

Sounds almost too good to be true 🙂 . But ask any of those who practice and they tell you the same.

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