Attending a Birthday Party Etiquette For Kids

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Attending a Birthday Party Etiquette For Kids

Attending a Birthday Party Etiquette For Kids

So your child has started to receive invitations to their friend’s birthday party. Congratulations on meeting your next milestone – making close friendships. But on giving it a little thought, you’ve seen your child at other types of parties and you know that they could do better at socializing. A nice greeting at the door, replying to adults with enthusiasm and making an overall good impression would really make you proud. Thus it begs the question – How do you get your child to behave properly at parties?  Take a look now at these small steps that can be taken to form the best version of your child.

Acknowledge the Invitation

Be it receiving an invitation in person or through Whatsapp – both are equally valid and should be treated so. In too many instances parents don’t bother responding, for various reasons. However, what do you think what kind of impression this would make? It’s almost always an unpleasant one. They must be careless, not thoughtful and not civil, just to name a few to make a point. No one ever wants to be thought of in such a way. So why even put that in question? Best of all the burden is not that much, a small message is all that is needed. Show gratitude for being included and let them know if your child can make it. And if undecided let them know you will get back to them closer to the party time.

Attending a Birthday Party Etiquette For Kids

Dressing to Impress

We all try our best to look good on outings but there is just one more thing you’ll need to know when it comes to attending birthday parties. Be familiar with the venue. Birthday parties can be held at various venues including at home, a hall, the mall, and an entertainment venue. This means that you and your child need to dress appropriately simply to save yourself from embarrassment. You may have noticed yourself; it just doesn’t look right if a child comes along to a full-blown party at a hall in simple jeans and t-shirt and vice versa a princess gown to the mall. Again what would others think of you?

On Arriving

Here greeting the host is a largely important aspect of parties but is frequently a missed opportunity to make a wonderful impression. Reason being your child just doesn’t realize this importance, they are too shy and/or is overly excited to play with their friends. And commonly parents remind their child on-the-spot which often results in an awkward situation. Fortunately, it can be avoided with a bit of preparation. Just before leaving your house tell your child what you expect from them by reminding them to say “hello” with a smile. And keep it simple so your child only thinks of it as a normal procedure and nothing that is worth being worried about.

Attending a Birthday Party Etiquette For Kids

Parents Socialising

And don’t forget yourself. Even if you need to head out right away at least spend a good 5 minutes for a chit-chat. The reason why impressions are such a big deal is you never know what comes from socializing (in other words networking). The parent of the birthday child could only be an acquaintance or a good friend. Or amazing possibilities can arise on a personal level or career-wise. Furthermore, if you make an interesting connection the word can pass on to others with an equally interesting outcome. You just never know until you keep up with socializing. But as quick word never expect anything at any given time. Don’t give it so much thought other than to be simply friendly.

Time to Eat

During the party, the host will be managing the show and apart from this will be telling children that it’s food time. Now it would be lovely for our child to do what is asked of them, however, an extended host of reactions will occur. Ranging from the overly demanding, announcing they don’t like the food, wanting to continue to play and so on. Though they are kids and only learning, this behavior is rude and can never be helpful to an already busy host. Prior to arrival have an open discussion rather than a lecture. Ask them how it looks and feels when other behaves ill-mannered. Children already know the answer and when made conscious tend to take on that responsibility for themselves.

Attending a Birthday Party Etiquette For Kids


Ever seen children play rough or be upset at a party only to cause a scene? Wouldn’t think it’ll be your own but you just never know. It may not be in their nature but rough play or being upset can occur when you least expect it. For example, an incident may occur when they felt something unfair happened and they get upset about it, peers are doing it so they too join in, are yet again overly excited in what is happening at the moment or simply an accident happens where they are hurt. Avoid your child overreacting by making a deal – if you want to keep going to parties and spend time with friends being a prince/princess (well-mannered) is a must.

Time to Say Goodbye

Your child has had a great time or at the very least the host really tried their best. Acknowledge it at the end of the birthday party. Let’s find them to sincerely say thank you and let them know you enjoyed. Mention some specific aspect you liked the most to show deeper gratitude. Again another chit-chat by parents reinforces a sound rapport. Acknowledge those in the room or if too big of a crowd at least those of your child’s friends. Ending off well completes the social event on a good note and ensure a well-mannered and representation of you as the parent.

The Take-Away

  • Behave inappropriately and a bad impression will be formed. Hence etiquette exists for such reason.
  • Explain your expectations to your child prior to the birthday party.
  • Make the child feel responsible for their actions through open discussion.
  • Tell them there are consequences for poor behavior.
  • Parent’s personality is equally important to showcase.

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