10 Best Ways to Learn English

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9 Best Ways to Learn English

10 Best Ways to Learn English

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Learning English is a challenge. It’s a big subject and yet you need to know it fluently and sooner the better. And when you are not attending any classes (that are effective) it can be downright confusing. Since you don’t really know where to begin and what would really help you learn. Daunting, yes but doable. So to point you in the right direction we give you the 9 best ways that when used consistently will improve your English.

1. Memorize Some Common Sentences

Like with any subject as a child we are made to memorize it, even though we don’t necessarily understand it. Why? Because it makes the perfect starting point in knowing at least something of the subject. If you are a beginner start with memorizing around five sentences and when your confidence grows learn a new set of sentences or add idioms and slang. Now you will be capable of holding some sort of conversation that appears fluent like.

10 Best Ways to Learn English

9 Best Ways to Learn English

2. Speak it a Little Every Day

Just like driving a car, you can’t learn it by only reading, watching and writing about it, you need to speak and practice it too. So with the sentences you memorized place them into every conversation you have with others (and don’t shy 🙂 you can talk to yourself as well). And every other conversation you have after you will begin to automatically use it and over time understand the meaning behind it too.

3. English TV and Movies

Every other advice will say go out and watch some movies and TV to help improve your English. But this is what will truly make the difference drastically. You would benefit more when you watch informative programmings such as BBC and the Discovery Channel. Since you your brain is stimulated to think about what’s going on. People who watch movies simply for entertainment like action, then only are fixated on the visual effects and the spoken dialogue becomes a secondary factor. Bonus: go for DVDs, recorded programming, and YouTube videos as you can repeat them for better understanding.

4. Read Books

Every English learner started somewhere and that was reading children books. This can be embarrassing as an adult but try it to figure out which level you are comfortable at. If you would to jump ahead and read a newspaper all it does is make learning more frustrating for you. To progress, highlight words and sentences you don’t know and look them up. [9 Best Ways to Learn English]

And to comprehend what you have read, ask yourself the 5 Ws: what, where, why, why, who questions. Such as “Who are the main characters?” and ‘What was the problem?”.

10 Best Ways to Learn English

9 Best Ways to Learn English

5. Sing a Song

To learn English add some English songs to your mobile and when you have sometime sing along to them. This will help you in producing and matching the pronunciation of words and sentences. For further learning, jump online and check out what the meaning to the lyrics are. So you can feel more passionate about what you are singing about 🙂 . It’s nice light-hearted fun yet sneakingly learning English too. [9 Best Ways to Learn English]

6. Mimic a Native Speaker

And the fun doesn’t need to stop there, pick a native speaker anyone you like will do, be it a celebrity, a person you know or a YouTuber. And mimic the way they sound and use their type of sentences. Expect similar results to that of memorizing, you will look like you know how to speak English (without understanding to the full extent of what it means). Yet you can pull off a believable performance.

7. Keep a Diary

Don’t worry so much about proper grammar. And write down everything of interest. Note words and sentences you are not familiar with yet. Favorite songs and movies you need to catch up on. Quotes that inspire and motivate you. And if capable, feelings of your day. This diary will act as a record of your learning progress which you can use to reflect on to keep up your learning.

10 Best Ways to Learn English

9 Best Ways to Learn English

8. Like English Speaking Friends & Pages on Facebook

Know of a friend who uses English? Like them on Facebook and Like a page related to English learning. Facebook is something we usually check every day. And also tend to read almost everything on our wall. When such post pops up on our wall we may learn something new or at the very least it acts as a reminder to keep motivated in learning English.

9. Plan to Take a Test

When life gets in the way, sometimes we may not be motivated no longer to learn. One way to counteract this is to make a test out of it. And just like a test it then becomes some thing we would feel encouraged to study for. So declare to a friend and family member that you’ll be better at English in a weeks time. Now you are pressured to learn 😛 because they will want to follow-up on your claim. [9 Best Ways to Learn English]

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9 Best Ways to Learn English

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