8 Ways to Feel Confident in Dark Skin

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8 Ways to Feel Confident in Dark Skin

8 Ways to Feel Confident in Dark Skin

This whole social and peer pressure thing can take a toll on us especially when we don’t fit in with the beautiful crowd. We are constantly badgered for how we behave, communicate and for our looks. And it just so happens to be that dark skin gets a bad rap too. No one seems to like it including our own selves. But a fact is, it’s a physical feature of who you are as an individual. And when one doesn’t feel inferior due to their dark skin you can be a much happier and successful person for it. It all comes down to your confidence level, which you can build upon with these following ways.

1. Recognize Your Strengths

Your dark skin doesn’t need define who you are as a whole. There must be a few more facets to you especially those that are your strengths. Bring these to the forefront when defining your personality. Ask yourself this one question “What am I good at?”. By recognizing these strengths, you’ll probably feel proud of such achievements which sequentially strengthen your confidence. Also receiving compliments indicate what others see in you. So accept them graciously knowing you are appreciated and loved.

8 Ways to Feel Confident in Dark Skin

2. Identify What You Like About Your Skin

The purpose here is to get you to accept and love your dark skin. For all this time, you have hated your dark skin so let’s turn that around. It may be hard at first to begin to think what good is it so I’ll get the ball rolling. I personally love how dark skin reflects gold jewelry but it could be an ‘x’ amount of reasons. It doesn’t show imperfections so easily, lower chances of skin health problems and so forth.

3. Use Positive Affirmations (Also known as Mantras)

Every time you look in the mirror the chances are you are pointing out how bad you look. And every time you did that well it became your truth. Since we have identified your greatness lets replace your inner critic with positive affirmations. The next time you face the mirror, tell yourself how awesome you are. It will start and end your day off on a good note with motivating vibes.

4. Compare Not

People with low self-esteem and confidence fall in the trap of comparing their life with others. Maybe it seems fairer people get greater opportunities. However, take a closer look. What is it are we comparing with? What we see in social media and when we meet face-to-face is only a glimpse what people experience. And what we see is typically their highlights of their life. Behind the well-scripted messages, perfectly poised photos and layers of makeup can likely tell a different story we don’t know of. The truth is everyone has their own problems to deal with, that’s life. And which means comparing yourself with others is a waste of time and your happiness.

5. Familiarize Yourself with Dark-Skin Achievers

The proof is in the pudding, those with dark skin also achieve and find success as much as other skin tones. Let’s make it interesting and you’ll be bound to find someone in your field of interest. It could be in a career you are pursuing, someone who is currently in your position or one you are just fascinated with such as Bollywood and Hollywood stars. Because you have found some familiarity you’ll admire them and yourself that much more.

8 Ways to Feel Confident in Dark Skin


6. Use Make-Up & Clothes that Complements Dark Skin

You’ve probably had tried to hide your dark skin in fairness products. And you may have been satisfied somewhat but the underlying problem continues – you dislike your own dark skin. So this is your next step to being confident with yourself. Get to know what make-up and colors best suit your skin tone. And it’s not all about dark and fair tones but also your underlying tone either that of warm or cool. Find out the truth, do a little research online as opposed to asking the counter or staff as they are only trained to ‘sell’. Complementing your skin tone brings out a harmony than a question of it not looking quite right. Just take a look at a party photo for reference and you can clearly see where those who haven’t matched their foundation right or used colors that made your skin tones look even duller than it really is.

7. Don’t Get Caught Up with Media

We are pretty much bombarded by media telling us all sorts of things, some which holds truth and on the flip side false information too. And it can be hard to distinguish this most times since advertisements are there to sell you something no matter what. Fairness products ads will only use your fears to get your attention quickly with common notions associated with dark skin. Such as, you’ll never get the girl or you’ll never be pretty and successful. All of which doesn’t hold much truth at all. So with that said take it with a grain of salt and where ever possible don’t base your worthiness on simply what the media tells you to.


8 Ways to Feel Confident in Dark Skin8. Learn How to Handle Criticism

So in one ear we have the media and with the other an ear full from people. The ones we love, complete strangers and all those in between making remarks on your dark skin. Some may feel they are helping you out with good suggestions on covering up and other outright rude on how you are not good enough. Though we can not change the way people criticise dark skin we can definitely learn how to handle it. For more on this, you can check this post out by clicking here.

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