12 Ways to Make Your Life Happier-Happy Life

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12 Ways to Make Your Life Happier

12 Ways to Make Your Life Happier

Undoubtedly everyone wants a happy life. Though, many seem to miss out on it. It’s actually all around you no matter how rich you are in money and love. And again many of us have these and still continue to be unhappy. But with a few changes in the right areas and that’s more to do with your own way of thinking than anything else, you can have the happy life you desire. See what you can do by reading on below.

1. Always Look for Positives

You passed your test, you are happy, you received a good gift, you are happy and you laugh at such a funny joke and you are happy. It’s very easy to feel happy when something positive happens. But when the tables turn of course you’ll react badly. And that is well and good, this is how we are designed to naturally react. But you do have an option to look at every bad experience differently – in a positive way. So next time you didn’t come first, well at least now you can learn from your mistakes or see the good in the bad. And this can be applied to any situation. Just by changing your point of view your entire world is changed for the better.

2. Practice Gratitude

Reflect on your life at this point right now, we all have something to be grateful about. Include even the most minuet things, they all count for something. Be grateful for having food, air, and water, family, and friends, the capability to wake up every day. These do look pretty obvious. But time will pass and when we get busy with other things in our life that’s when we take these things for granted. And what is more, we feel dejected. Thus, to bring the happiness back we ought to practice gratitude daily. Make it a point to write what you are thankful for down in a daily journal; if you are religious say it in your prayers, get in a habit to say it to yourself or not good with words no problem you can draw or take pictures meaningfully for a dosage of peace of mind.

12 Ways to Make Your Life Happier

12 Ways to Make Your Life Happier-Happy Life

3. Be Your Own Best Friend

You know what we are very good at is being best friends with our friends. When they are low and having a bad time we are right there in an instant to give them a boost from sending out a smiling emoji to calling them and giving them a pat on the back and saying “You are great and everything will work out just fine’. But when we are low we often become our worst enemy. And can be found telling ourselves we are bad at something on a regular basis. So why not get the hang of being your own best friend. Replace self-doubt, fear, and worries with positive affirmations and feel your spirit uplifted just as you would with your friends.

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4. Fake It Till You Make It

These low feelings have been dragged along for weeks, months and years that it’s a norm. And understandingly changing into positive vibes is a tough ask. But if you sincerely want a happy life you need to put a little fight in you. Though you may not feel happy, from now on pretend to be. Put everything you have in motion. Smile, it releases endorphins in your body responsible for happy feelings. Enhance these feelings with positive thoughts and with a bit of enthusiasm you feel an instant uprising. Practice it every day and soon you won’t need to pretend any longer as it will naturally slide into your normal behavior.

5. Find Peace

Whatever bad memories you have, where someone has done wrong to you or you are not happy with your situation that maybe you weren’t lucky, let it be and move on. When you hold on to jealousy, anger and hate it will only wear you down and not fix the problem you face. Alternately find it in yourself (and not from anyone else) to accept and forgive. This doesn’t mean that you forget what’s happened but rather it is so you set yourself free of the pain and move on happily in your life. Note: if it is of a serious nature, do take steps to find the right solution for you.

12 Ways to Make Your Life Happier

12 Ways to Make Your Life Happier-Happy Life

6. Pursue Goals

Having goals and going out of your way to pursue them has its feel-good benefits. When the goal is something related to your interest you become excited about your new undertaking. As you hit milestones there’s a feeling of satisfaction. And when you reach the end, the result speak for them self. You feel accomplished and then you feel proud to show your success off to your friends and family. And in the long run, you personally grow from these experiences. All reasons why you should go through life being eager to pursue goals. Take your pick improve your fitness, social skills, professional life and so forth.

7. Be Adventurous

Doing the same old day-in-day-out and of course, your life will be unexciting. And yes goals helps spice up your life but, to be adventurous calls for you to leave your comfort zone. Pick something you thought you would never do. It can include jumping out of planes and going for a hike. But it also includes the ‘small’ things like going out for parties, trying out new foods and talking to strangers. And when attempted, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve gone. Though we tend to be scared and love our comfort we are well designed to adapt. So believe in yourself. On experiencing hardship your mental strength grows, you become resilient and can handle change much easier than you would before.

8. Listen to Your Heart

Making decisions based on just how you feel at the time can seem absurd. But there is some substantial truth to it. You may have noticed it yourself when faced with a decision if you were to think about it more you can possibly wound up being more indecisive. Or when looking back on your decision you feel you made the wrong choice. On the other hand, when you decide on your gut feeling which originates from past experiences and decoding body language and voice pitch you tend to be happy with your choice in the long run. When it’s deemed appropriate whenever you can go ahead and listen to your heart, it will minimize stressful moments and open up to a happier you.

12 Ways to Make Your Life Happier

12 Ways to Make Your Life Happier-Happy Life

9. Spend Time with Loved Ones

Again we get caught up with life that we easily lose sight on the importance of spending time with family and friends. Look at how you spend that time. For some, we have left our good friends behind and with others, we may message them now and then. But with an effort to spend quality time your relationships grow stronger. With family do you spend time with them? And in those times do you share conversations and experiences? Or are you glued to your phone and social media that your family has merged into the background? Think about what you do to spend quality time as such relationships play an important role in your happiness.

10. Mind, Body, and Soul

To have a happy life it means to take care of every aspect of yourself and not only your mind, your body too and in turn, your soul will be charged. By working on your fitness even only getting your body moving pumps and pushes blood throughout your body for it to function sufficiently. Same goes with increasing muscles and flexibility. To get enough quality sleep helps you to be aware and function through the day. And eating right most times is the fuel to get moving and thinking. And when there’s a balance between fitness, sleep and healthy diet your mind and soul becomes happy. In reading this it would be a good time to decide what’s missing for you and work on it.

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12 Ways to Make Your Life Happier

12 Ways to Make Your Life Happier-Happy Life

11. Help Others

The simple act of seeing the smile of others light up brings joy in you too. So much so that it is worth it to try and help people out, even in the smallest ways. For an idea, be a classic gentleman or lady and open a door for someone or offer to take a weighted load of bags or do some family chore around the house. Or when deemed fit go out of your way, offer a ride, give expert advice or help in someone’s studies. If it suits, make it a permanent fixture with yearly handouts of food and clothes especially around festive times or all year round, there’s always some community out there in need of volunteers.

12. Know and Be Comfortable with Yourself

And what really puts all the above in motion is – to know and be comfortable with you. Because without it none other of your wishes and desires, particularly feeling the truest form of happiness can ever come to fruition. Knowing you forms the base of all your decision making and those that you would be happier and comfortable with. So here a start on getting to know yourself better.

  • Strengths and weakness: Use your experience to get to know them all. Everyone has weaknesses though happy people know how to work around it by playing up to their strengths.
  • Core beliefs: Determine what you believe in from that of religion, eating habits, dress sense, individualism or conformity, workaholic or laid back, family values and what you believe is the cultural norm.
  • Likes and Dislikes: Discover what you prefer such as are you a night or day person, introvert or extrovert, hands-on type of person, hard sciences or soft sciences, leader or team player. Or even a bit of both. 🙂

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