11 Ways to Beat Boredom

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11 Ways to Beat Boredom

11 Ways to Beat Boredom
Feeling Bored? Jumping on social media and watching YouTube videos can only be interesting for so long. You could get carried away with it all day long but by the end you even lose interest in it. And on looking back on your day it’s nothing you would feel satisfied about. There are other ways you can spend your time and feel good knowing you’ve made the most out of it. Especially, when you have made even the slightest improvement for your personality. Take a look at these ways to beat boredom and see which one takes your liking.

1. Make a Bucket List

Chance are you’ve probably been doing things randomly. But have some sort of idea what you’d like to achieve in life. Known as a ‘Bucket list’ how about writing down all of which you want and need to do at least once in your lifetime. It can be major thing like take a vacation, get a degree or have a good job. But can also include the smallish things too such as writing a book, learn how to cook or dive, whatever you want it to be. Many people make fun with spontaneous activities or like sky humping and swimming with the dolphins.

11 Ways to Beat Boredom

2. Beat Procrastination

There must be something you have been putting off be it school, office or house work. Get busy in these activities you know that should be done but you’ve had other priorities. Boredom is the perfect time for this. So organize your room, do a bit of washing, draft out your assignment or prepare your clothes for next the day  . Can think of something right now? Good now go and do it. 

3. Make Something

Got the knack for being arty or crafty? Or like building things? Or fond of experimenting in the kitchen? Then what are you waiting for? Get cracking. And if you feel stuck for ideas you can find some inspiration on Google. Furthermore, how about making something for a loved one then both of you can find enjoyment in that

4. Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill keeps you busy and if can be fun too. Picking up on a new skill will fill your boredom moments, keep your interest up and could add value to your personality. Some example include, learning advanced computers that of programming and Photoshop, or an art form such as writing, a new language, instrument and dance.

5. Get Work Experience

Find out what’s available in your area by searching the newspaper, notice boards or your institute for work experience. Summer, winter and festival periods are when they are most in common. And is useful not only for taking up you time, it could help you place a foot in the door of later employment, meet new people and add value to your CV.

Volunteer work is another good option for those who seek pure satisfaction in knowing you have helped someone in need, And if related to your field this can also be noted in your CV.


6. Participate in Regular Activity

Join a Class, make a ‘Hang Out’ with, or enjoy some ‘Family Time’. Set aside some time each week for an activity. Classes are good way to learn a new skill and acts as a motivator to achieve it. Family time is quality time with our loved ones which moments we’ll always cherish dearly. And hang outs is a little getaway from our busy and demanding schedules.

7. Stay Physically Active

Doing exercise and going to the gym is an option. But if that’s not your thing put a twist on it. Go out and play sport with a group of friends or join a club. Or make it into a get together session with friends – gyming it or walking and talking rather out for coffee or a movie can equally be fun. Test an option out today and if it didn’t suit you, try again until something clicks.

8. Renew Friendships

There might be a few people you haven’t heard from in a while. Take this time to make contact. Message them a quick ‘hi’. Even more fun make a meeting point or catch them up at their house. Yoy may wonder why you didn’t catch with them up them any sooner since you may end up loving the talks about nostalgic events or realize some new commonalities too.

11 Ways to Beat Boredom9. Change the Scenery

And speaking of a getaway, sometimes we need to change the scene completely. Being stuck in our daily routine creates boredom to the extent of driving you insane 😛 . It leads to lack of focus and poor productivity. When going out to far off land is not an option. A small trip to the next town, within your city, to friends or family’s home or to the mall or park is all it takes to beat boredom and refresh the mind.

10. Pamper Yourself

Maybe you need to maintain your personal grooming or just want to relax with a face mask – this is the perfect time to pamper yourself. If you have more time on your hands make your own treatments where you can enjoy the natural benfits.

11. Relax

And when there’s no place to go, don’t think s much and chill out at home. Choose to watch your favorite serial/ movie or sit back and listen to some good music. Sometimes it’s okay to do nothing for a moment it will be as important as working hard throughout your week.
What was you favorite boredom buster? Mine would have to be pampering myself  . Got a question?

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