10 Ways to Brighten a Dull Day

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10 Ways to Brighten a Dull Day

10 Ways to Brighten a Dull Day
Just had another dull day? Looking back on it, it’s like a wasted day. And with many turns into the usual daily routine. It’s not something to be happy about. However, that can all come to an end. You have these 10 ways to brighten up your dull day. And for your convenience, it doesn’t require anything major which you’d normally think of to have fun like going out for an outing. These ways are simple yet effective.

Brighten a Dull Day

1. Try Something New

Also known as being adventurous, trying something new will kick start a better you. Being adventurous doesn’t mean you go out ad do dangerous sport. Rather it’s more about trying anything that’s new to you. Such as, learning a new skill like a language, driving, and computer software. Take a look at yourself and try to pinpoint what you typically avoid. Some people may avoid talking to new people or going out more often. Try to push yourself out of your comfort zone and you’ll fell exhilarated by picking up a completely new thing, you probably never thought you’d ever do before.

10 Ways to Brighten a Dull Day

2. Change-Up Your Routine

We can easily feel stuck in our daily routine. The same-old-thing over and over again, of course, this will be boring. How about changing it up? In the morning wake another 10 minutes earlier for time to go out for a short walk or play some music. On your way to school or work change up the scenery by taking a different route. Your night routine can be made for games night with family and friends and another night for movies. Just to name a few ideas.

3. Get Organized

When bored it makes for the perfect time to get organize, more than ever when you’d otherwise be busy and then never really get around to doing it. If organizing everything looks too much of a burden, starting small will do just fine. Tidy up your desk, do just only one load of washing or dusting the room can make a difference in its cleanliness but also your feel-good factor too. Other places to organize also can include, your computer system files, handbag, your garden and other areas of the house.

10 Ways to Brighten a Dull Day

4. Take-Up a Hobby

Have a hobby? Immerse in it. Don’t have one? Start one. Hobbies are a classic for keeping us busy. Experiment and see what you take a liking to the most. Try out the usual such as cooking, drawing, reading and writing. To get started join a local class to get you on your way. Or try a trend, one that’s been a hit for relaxing out – adult coloring-in. Having a hobby is also be useful in creating interesting conversation and aid in forming good notions of your personality.

5. Start a Project

Another way to brighten up your day is making a project out of your hobby. They call for you to plan and set goals which in turn can make a hobby more exciting as you are working towards accomplishing what you set out to do. Or do any other project that needs to be done around the house like that of decorating or fixing something. Once again you’ll feel accomplished, especially since such projects are usually put aside.

10 Ways to Brighten a Dull Day

6. Spend Time with a Friend

Go ahead and call some friend out of the blue better yet pick a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Get in touch again and see how they are and what they have been up too. By social media is fine, it’s easy. But making a call or going to meet them in person would be better. Since it will show you went out of your way to get in touch and sincerely care for them. In return, your mood will be uplifted in seeing their smile and appreciation.

7. Do Random Acts of Kindness

Just for no particular reason at all go on and do a random act of kindness. You need to to go out of your way and it doesn’t need to cost a dime. Something as simple as saying thanks, a polite smile, opening the door for some or offering a hand can make anyone’s day. Again in turn in seeing that you made someone cheerful will make your day cheerful too.

10 Ways to Brighten a Dull Day

8. Make a Gratitude List

Refocus your energy and get inspired by creating a gratitude list. Start with the easy things you are grateful for such as food, shelter and clothing. List as many as you can, there will then be a point where it’s hard to think of something but this is where you can really think deep down and possibly realize something you may have never thought of. This exercise will drive out that dullness making way for an inspiring moment.

9. Take a Spa

Go all out for a full relaxation experience. Either to a parlor or do one yourself. Skip the shower in favor for a nice hot bath. Create the perfect atmosphere for a greater relaxation by adding bath salts to smooth out any aching muscles, lower the lights, add music and candles. It may take a little effort on your part but it’ll be an investment you’ll definitely enjoy in the long run.

10. Get a Makeover

Wear something bolder than you’d normally wear. Go for a new hair cut and/or color, flaunt an accessory item, dawn new piece of clothing, wear bolder makeup or take your normal grooming to the next level. Your confidence will build by looking more fabulous. And will even grow much more with an increase of compliments as people will notice you.

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