10 Traits of People Who are Mentally Strong

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10 Traits of People Who are Mentally Strong

10 Traits of People Who are Mentally Strong

Our mental strength is what gets us through difficult times. The stronger you are the more chance you can come out of these times less unscathed. Which is great, it means you’ll hardly feel stressed out and feel the need to quit. This will surely come in handy when you face competitive exams, office demands, family responsibilities and enduring your exercise schedule, just to name a few of life challenges. In this article find out what it means to be mentally strong and how you can live a much happier and successful life.

1. Keeps Calm

Though we hate it at some point in our life we’ll be facing adversities in which all we want to do is scream and shout. However, mentally strong people know this behavior is only reserved for adolescents. Instead, they are capable are keeping calm even in the most heated moments. They either don’t physically feel stressed which could have included feeling hot and sweaty, heart racing and nausea. Or they have learnt how to overcome it with a few stress management strategies.

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10 Traits of People Who are Mentally Strong

2. Don’t Take Things Personally

Someone will always have an opinion about you. Your mother thinks of you as an angel, a stranger only needs to glance at you for theirs and your boss always seems to see the mistakes in your work. You can never change their thoughts and actions but you can surely change the way you think about them. Rather than taking it to heart the mentally strong find logic behind the words. That stranger is only a stranger. And the boss is not picking on you personally, instead s/he only wants to see you and the company’s grow and likewise with a mother.

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3. Self-Motivated

How much you truly want anything in life establishes your level of self-motivation. The more you want it the more determined you are. Most of us have felt motivated in the past, especially in the beginning stages of any task. However, the mentally strong are consistently motivated until the end and thus often meet with positive results. There are many things that help us stay motivated that of having a goal, a plan, support system, achieving small successes along the way and reflecting on your progress.

4. Productive Attitude

The world can look like a cruel place to live in. Because of this many of us have fallen into a habit of negative thoughts. Ones of self-doubt, worry and fear can consume our minds all day long that we end up not focusing on living out our lives. Though being mentally strong mean you don’t have time for these thoughts. In it place positive thinking is used to gain focus, build confidence, help through the setbacks and most importantly get you one step closer to whatever you want. It’s much better than being stagnant or living in the past.

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10 Traits of People Who are Mentally Strong

5. Expectations Are In-Check

A major trait of mentally strong people is that their expectations are never crushed. Since if you were to have ay sort of expectations the chances are high of losing everything you thought you had. This, in turn, will lower your mental strength. Therefore, instead of expecting something you would be better off assuming a variety of possibilities as to not be disappointed.

6. Flexible/Adaptable

Humans naturally want to control everything in their hands. They have their life planned out. Though, as you may know, it’s not always the case at all. Thus, mentally strong people have come to terms with this. They do have their plans of their own yet, allow for change when needed. And when they are often unexpected they also are able to react efficiently. Such as the need for making quick decisions, use plan B, C or D if needed and simply just go with the flow.

7. Content

Furthermore, there is no room for comparisons and jealously. As if you would you would always seem you are last in everything. And you’d find that you are chasing an endless competition. Hence, mentally strong people are content with what they have material wise and also things that don’t cost the world like that of family and friends. Moreover, they are happy with ‘negative’ experiences because those too can play an important and positive role in your life. For example, you may not be rich money-wise, however, rich in love. Another way to look at being content is that of not only being happy with what you have achieved through life but also about focusing on your own improvement to get ahead.

10 Traits of People Who are Mentally Strong

8. Empathetic

Mentally strong is often assumed you need to be emotionless and you don’t express any feelings. It is instead very much the opposite. Being empathetic is very much an important skill. When you listen actively you are capable of listening not only to the words and sentences but being aware of the meaning behind them, listening to how it was said (such as, in a sad or happy voice) and try to make out messages which at times are hidden. The same goes for expressing themselves, they are able to express shamelessly at the appropriate moment. Which in turn help build stronger relationships and manage their own feeling and thoughts without allowing stress to build up.

9. Tolerant

No one and no situation frazzle mentally strong people. You could be of some different nationally, have a thick accent and do things differently and still not let it bother them. And if there happen to be a problem they would try to solve it with effective communication. And they could be sitting in a noisy and crowded room, tired and still able to do their work. Nothing just gets in their way and distracts them to the point of leaving their focus and work.

10. Has High-Standards

It can be tempting to settle for less than what you initially wanted but that is never the case for mentally strong people. They are willing to work further to achieve their own higher goals. Since to leave them would make them less of a person.

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