10 Top Flattering Poses for Selfies

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10 Top Flattering Poses for Selfies

10 Top Flattering Poses for Selfies

(10 Top Flattering Poses for Selfies)

Time and time again you click a selfie but you cringe at the results. Selfies are a hit because they usually make you look amazing. So why is it not quite working out the same for you? All it takes is a little know how and with practice in no time your selfie game will dramatically improve. We take a look at the top 10 flattering poses for selfies made famous by celebrities, the Instagram crowd and our fellow peers rocking their own social media pages.

1. Chin Down, Camera Up

Let’s start with the classic chin down, camera up. And it’s a classic for many good reasons, it rids the horrid double chin, makes your eyes appear bigger, the light hits the highest points of your face beautifully and brings all your features into line. Though many forget this number one basic pose and as a result double chin and nostril galore is all you going to get. And of course that’s not a great look. So remember chin down, camara up.

10 Top Flattering Poses for Selfies

(10 Top Flattering Poses for Selfies)

2. Look Off to the Side

Casually looking off to the side brings about a model like selfie. However, keep in mind these tips to perfect it. You don’t want to look way off to the side because you’ll get most of the whites of the eye showing in your result which then looks creepy. And chances are it looks like you are trying too hard. Rather look just off the camera to keep your appearance more natural in nature.

3. T-Rex Hands

Also known as the Claw is accomplished by displaying your hand in the selfie. It could be rested on your shoulder, chin, cheeks, in your hair and even on top of your head. There’s just something elegant about it. As long as your hand and fingers are relaxed enough to create a T-Rex hand formation it works oh so well anywhere in the shoot.

10 Top Flattering Poses for Selfies

(10 Top Flattering Poses for Selfies)

4. The Pucker

Move a side the ridiculous Duck-face in place for the flattering Pucker. It’s almost comparable however, the Pucker is a much more dialed down version that again doesn’t look over the top. So instead of squishing your lips together, squish a little and then open your mouth apart just a tad. As like you were about to kiss someone. This brings about a softer look though still creates a slimming effect to the cheeks and jaw line and for them lushes lips.

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5. Smizing

This pose will bring life to your eyes and is quite sexy looking. Defined as smiling with your eyes, slightly squint your eyes then think of someone you are really attracted to (now you are smiling right? :p ). This pose was created by one of America’s top model Tyra Banks and has taken the world by storm since then.

10 Top Flattering Poses for Selfies

(10 Top Flattering Poses for Selfies)

6. Natural Smile

To come across cute and innocent a natural smile needs to be in your repertoire. Seems pretty easy, but it is often not. Since, there’s a fine line between normal and an unnatural appearance. And that’s when this little trick will always come in handy. When wanting to smile lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This tongue action will stop your face from wanting to stretch your smile too much.

7. Giggle

Try giggling or laughing out loud while taking your next selfie. Poses such as these brings joy when people look at it. Also it looks like you are simply having an amazing time (even if that wasn’t the case). To help you out think of something that’s funny to you for a convincing pose. Have fun practicing this one since you can have a good giggle at yourself too.


(10 Top Flattering Poses for Selfies)

8. The Mirror Selfie

The Mirror selfie is perfect for showing your outfit of the day or some use it to show off their progress in fitness also. But standing all stiff isn’t going to work. Showing angles is more appealing to the eye. One that is simple is to pop your hip out to the side. This is a favorite because it slims the body by defining a waist line and tightens the leg muscles. You can also place one hand on the hip, cross your leg over or all of the above for another interesting pose.

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9. The Hairfie

Playing around with your hair makes for another gorgeous shot. Here are a few ideas you can try. Cover your eye and part of you face with your hair for a mysterious look. Flip your hair upside down then upright again for a care-free look. Another way to do this is to flip your hair parting to its unnatural side for that instant volume. And use a fan or a windy day for a hit of glamour. (10 Top Flattering Poses for Selfies)

10. Go Creative

And since rules are meant to be broken go out and experiment. There’s so much fun to be had with selfies. You can do pretty much anything you want.

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10 Top Flattering Poses for Selfies

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