10 Things to Do When You Feel Lonely

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10 Things to Do When You Feel Lonely

10 Things to Do When You Feel Lonely

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Loneliness – it happens to the best of us. Including those who are single, are in a relationship and those who have some good friend that stand by them, they all feel bouts of loneliness. You too could be one of these types yourself. But why is it that you feel loneliness? How could it be that something is missing? We all have people who love us. Is there a time where you enjoy your loved one’s company? In most cases, people would say yes. Thus, this can only suggest that the feeling of loneliness is only for a moment which takes the ability of yourself to turn things around. All of which that is noted here, thus let us take a closer look at what you can do the next time you feel lonely.

1. Realize It’s a Feeling

In those times of feeling loneliness the intensity of our thoughts and feeling increase drastically. And in this state is so strong that it seems it defines you as always being lonely. These are the best moments 🙂 to detect what triggers these thoughts. For some it could be you got caught up in work that you have no time for ‘play’ and in others, nothing is stimulating you feel bored often or you feel left out while others are having all the fun.

2. Stop Beating Yourself Up

Feeling lonely provides the perfect conditions for your mind to drive you crazy. And you know what? You can be your own worst emery. You often beat yourself  up along the effect of “Nobody likes me”, “I’m not fun to hang around with” and “no one relates to me”. But by doing so you fall into a trap of repeating this over and over again which usual is not the case at all. Since you always told yourself that, you’re convinced that your opinion is true. Go out and prove yourself wrong 🙂 , notice how your loved one’s think otherwise. 🙂

10 Things to Do When You Feel Lonely

3. Be Grateful

Ok so anyone can be grateful, it’s quite easy to say something you are grateful for right now. But as our daily routine takes effect this is when we forget and don’t prioritize the simple things in life. Now try this out, it requires only 5 minutes of you time daily. List 5 things that you are grateful without repeating on subsequential days. Make a note in a diary or on your phone for easy access. Keep it up to further realize your life is not so bad at all. It can also help you identify what you’d like to see happen in your life.

4. Keep Busy

Since we have a consensus that the feeling of loneliness is simply a thought and feeling. We can divert them with being busy. And in the process you can grow as an individual and provide a great opportunity to learn more about what makes you tick. So start with a plan and determine what you’d like to do to improve yourself. Maybe there’s a new skill that you’d like to learn such as learning a language or developing your personality. And take steps to achieve it either by using free resources through the internet with videos and articles or you may consider joining a class. Or make time with a hobby for pure enjoyment.

5. Show Your Face

Here’s a bit of a contradiction, you hate being alone but oftentimes find ways to avoid social settings. The answer is an obvious one, be social, though it’s easier said than done when every bit of you wants to just crawl under a rock. But you have to since hiding is just doing nothing good for you. Build up a bit of courage and start with something light like simply saying “Hello” to whoever you can meet. Take up invitations without giving an excuse. And when you feel left out make the move yourself and join in the fun.

10 Things to Do When You Feel Lonely

6. Nurture Your Relationships

Sometimes we become so busy that our relationships suffer from it. We don’t realize that we need to take a break and more importantly give quality time to our loved ones. And in other times we are wondering when someone we love will sweep us off our feet. Whichever may be the case for you, now you know it’s time to take the lead. Become proactive in nurturing your relationship as the more we wait, nothing will be achieved.

7. Dedicate Time for Meditation

Constant worrying about being lonely can be very draining and very much so confusing too. And as we are just human we don’t have the answer to every little aspect of the world. So it would be better to stop thinking for a moment and place your worries to side just for a moment to alleviate tension and refocus the mind. Yoga is a hit since it has benefits for your mind, body, and soul without any religious connotation. Though if you do have a religious belief, practice it even more so for a clearer vision of how you want to live out your life.

8. Enjoy a Private Moment

You don’t always need to be with someone to feel satisfied. Spending time by yourself equally has some great benefits. You get to do whatever you want to do without being judged. And you can take a nice quite break without being hassled. Reading a book, taking a bubble bath or a long walk are some good options to choose from.

10 Things to Do When You Feel Lonely

9. Help Someone Out

For all this time, you have been concerned about yourself and how lonely you feel. Getting caught up in your own feelings can make you become too self-absorbed. Humans function much better when we work together towards something. So why not pitch in? It doesn’t need to be a miracle just something little will do such as answering someone’s question or opening a door for them. The heightened feeling of watching others progress and that you got them there, certainly increases the happy feelings.

10. Find Support

Take your pick, find support in someone you know, join a support group online, adopt a pet or consider a therapist. In actually expressing how you feel to others it has a liberating sensation that no other activity can provide. Others can give an attentive ear, share experiences and offer solutions to help you cope with these feelings of loneliness.

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