10 Small Things People Judge Your Personality On

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10 Small Things People Judge Your Personality On

10 Small Things People Judge Your Personality On

It may not be obvious at first, but when two people meet and even when we take a short glance at someone there are small things we instantly use to judge each other on. That’s all it takes for a judgment that’s quite telling and an opinion hard to change otherwise. That’s why it’s definitely something to be aware of when it comes down to serious situations like that of an interview or meeting important people. Since, it can be the differences between attaining favorable opportunities or not. Now that’s something you don’t want to lose just because of something small. So do you need to polish up on any of these small things? Read on to see.

1. Handshake

The Handshake – it can seem like a formality we merely do. But you are in trouble to be thinking that. For the receiver, it means a lot. Giving a good handshake should accomplish making them feel welcomed and is a form of respect. On the other hand, a weak handshake signals you don’t care. And handshakes that are painful commands authority yet is unlikable.

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10 Small Things People Judge Your Personality On

2. Hand Writing

You may have heard that your handwriting style tells that of either a shy or outgoing person, aggressive or friendly and so on personality. But let’s be frank what really matters is if it is tidy or messy. Beautiful handwriting will always grab the attention of an admirer. And if you are caught with untidy hardwiring just for one instance say you were in an unusual rush, you’ll be known as the slob for life unless proven otherwise.

3. Shoes

Shoes are usually the last of our priorities; they’re down there where no one really sees. But, again think again. Shoes can disclose a lot about you. Based on cleanliness, style, color, condition and how expensive they look people can make out your gender, income, status, personality, ethnicity, weather and much more. Be careful of assuming that no one looks rather check yourself before walking out the door.

4. Biting Your Nails

For one, they don’t look neat and tidy. And in turn, these associations can also come to mind nervousness, impatient, unhealthy and bored. Other bad habits such as excessive scratching of the skin and pulling of hair are too suggest an unpolished personality. Though seemingly ‘small’ and you may again assume that no one is looking but when done so openly someone will take notice sooner or later.


5. Table Manners

As that of shoe maintenance and nail biting, table manners fall under the same umbrella. The main problem is that people think they are in the comfort of their home but the public eye is very much intense. And this definitely counts when eating out. Eating with an open mouth and burping, we all know that’s just simply a no. But that too of refine fork and knife skills can give you an edge of sophistication.

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6. Punctuality

Be on time every time and no one would have a reason to question your integrity. Even 5 minutes late could seem like nothing to you although for others waiting on you may mean either you wasted their time and in the working world, wasting money. And has its bad repercussions, they may not look to you to attend some event, think of you for further opportunities or if you really had pushed them to the edge you may lose their friendship or job over it.

7. Eye Contact

People want to know you are interested and care for what they have to say. Best way – give them your full and abided attention. Being in their presence is fine however to win people over, look them in the eye. “It’s the window to our soul”, as the saying suggests there’s nothing to hide when you look them in the eye. But be sure not to go too crazy-eyed by staring, that would only make them uncomfortable. Nor don’t be tempted to look somewhere else such as at your phone. Looking towards them supported with facial expressions and hand gestures makes you friendly and approachable.

10 Small Things People Judge Your Personality On

8. Asking Questions

Another good way to not falter your personality at instant is to ask questions. As you wouldn’t want to to be the one who does all the talking, it can come across as a showing off or a person who’s self-absorbed. But in comparison, those who ask questions show compassion. Though there is a fine line, too many questions can feel intrusive and interview-like. Therefore, use open-ended question in a timely fashion for a natural flow in conversation.

9. Selfie Styles

You post your selfie online, you’re tagged or some known person happens to post a picture of you. That means everyone is bound to see you. Thus, every shot counts in the realm of showing the best side of your personality. Without speaking a word, people can read into how you pose, use of hands gestures and facial expressions. So revisit your selfies and see how you come across. Are you that one that never smiles? It possibly means unfriendly. Always seems to be a little blurry? You could be lacking attention to detail. Are pictures always of only yourself? You look self-absorbed.

10. Phone Use

Checking your phone for a message sounds innocent enough, everyone does it. Checking it often and amongst company, now that can offend someone. This is common too though it doesn’t mean that it’s socially right. Those who are glued to their phones signal a lack of respect for others who are in their presence. And same can go on to suggest an inability to socialize with others face-to-face.

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